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Thread: Parkzone Radian

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    Parkzone Radian

    I bought the radian and it is a great flier but I want to use the spectrum radio
    for an edf jet and a futaba T6ex for the radian...

    I am having a problem with the ESC, the throttle does not respond unless
    I reverse channel 3 on the futaba TX.. Is there another way around this, I really
    don't like having a reverse throttle channel..


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    Re: Parkzone Radian

    That's pretty normal for Futaba and some ESCs. It doesn't make any difference as low throttle is at the bottom and full throttle is at the top. It that's backwards, then you'll need to go into the programming and electronically reverse the throttle channel.


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    Re: Parkzone Radian

    looks like it's time for a programming card...


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