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Thread: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

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    SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

    I am a new owner of the Su-34 Fullback 360 twin thrust vector EDF jet. Drove down to HL this morning to see the sidewalk sale and to buy this. I have an F-35 also. And I use my Futaba 7CAP PCM/PPM radio system. I am having some trouble figuring out how to wire or program the 360* nozzles to move in accordance to the ailerons. Im not sure if its how I have the servos wired to the receiver or what. I think thatís it honestly because I have the 2 servos to the nozzles in a Y cable to the receiver but I canít figure out how to do it differently. But right now I can have the nozzles move in accordance with the rudder left to right and with the elevators up and down. But I am lost on how to make them move opposite directions and do the same motion the ailerons are doing. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

    You need to have the up/down thrust vector servos plugged into two separate axillary channels. The manual shows how to do it for a Spektrum radio and it's basically the same programming setup for Futaba, although the channels are labeled differently.


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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?


    Do you have any information/advice on setting the SU 34 up on the JR 9303? The instructions talk to a DX7. Screens are different and I am new to the 9303. I can get all the functions (T, A, E, R) working correctly, but when I try to program the mixing, things do not work properly. Any photos of screens available?



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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

    Hey Rich,
    I don't have any screen shots, but here's the rundown from my 9303.

    In the System Menu (Hold down the ENT button and turn on the radio)
    Device Select - the last 4 items on the bottom row should say INH.
    Wing Type - Ail EleV Rudd Flap should have INH underneath all of them.

    Those are the critical items that will makes your mixes act screwy. If you need further help, feel free to give me a call at 615-732-7217.


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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?


    Thanks for the info. I got everything programmed and the bird is ready to fly.

    The key is to reset everything on Transmitter (JR 9303) to factory specs and then start with one function at a time, like you said.

    No mixing until you get all the basic functions set up and operating correctly.

    The following is how I programmed a JR 9303 on 2.4 using an AR7000 receiver.

    Start with:

    Vector control 1 to AUX 1 on RX
    Vector control 2 to AUX 2 on RX

    Prog Mix 1:

    ELEV to AUX 1
    Point 0 = +100
    Points 2, 3, 4, 5 INH
    Point 3 = 0
    Point 6 = - 100

    Switch select = Mix ON the rest OFF

    Prog Mix 2

    ELEV to AUX 2
    Point 0 = +100
    Points 2, 3, 4, 5 INH
    Point 3 = 0
    Point 6 = - 100

    Switch select = Mix ON, the rest OFF

    Prog Mix 3

    AILE to AUX 1
    POS 0 = 0% for both
    POS 1 = - 100% for both
    MIX to Pos 1, all the rest in Pos 0
    Offset 0

    Prog Mix 4

    AILE to AUX 2
    POS 0 = 0% for both
    POS 1 = + 100% for both
    MIX to Pos 1, all the rest in Pos 0
    Offset 0

    I set all D/Rs to 50% low and 100% high. Exp to 25% Low and 50% High

    REV Switch NORM

    THR = NORM
    AIL = REV
    ELE = REV
    RUD = REV
    GER = NORM
    AX1 = NORM
    AX2 = NORM
    AX3 = NORM
    AX4 = NORM

    Device SEL
    Flight mode = INH
    Bottom line all = INH

    Wing Type = NORMAL
    V-tail = INH
    Mate = all INH

    Type Sel = ACRO

    Programmed as above, the "MIX" switch turns the "Vector Thrusting" ON and OFF

    Good luck.


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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

    Jason I have a 9303 Heli and and I am having trouble setting up, on the servo leads there are three vector leads do they all plug in on the adapter and plug into aux 1 or 2. Also not clear on the setup that Rich said Vector control 1 aux 1 and control 2 on aux 2 ?

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    Re: SU-34 Fullback 360* setup?

    Vector 1 should go into the Aux 1 channel
    Vector 2 should go into the Aux 2 channel
    Vector 3 should be Y-harnessed in with the nose wheel steering servo into channel 4.

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