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Thread: Flight simulator

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    Flight simulator

    Which one would I learn more Realflight or PhoenixRC? I need help to fly or learn how to. Can someone help me?

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    Re: Flight simulator

    I think you will have a difficult time finding someone who has used both programs.

    I use Realflight and like it. You need to take some time and read the instructions and view/set up the options to get the most from it.

    A simulator is great for learning to fly and perform complicated manuvers. There is a weak link in any of them though. Landings. Since the screen does not turn and move like your eyes do, staying oriented on the runway is a problem. I find it easier to just land where ever you happen to line up and don't worry about the runway.

    They aren't perfect, but saving even one crash will pay for the software.

    I doubt either is really superior to the other.


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