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Thread: Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards and Retracts

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    Talking Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards and Retracts

    JAY OR JASON - SEE THIS ANIMATED GIF - NOTICE HOW WHEN THE FLAPS are going to make the plane roll left or right, I DON'T think the canards are going in the correct direction as per the manual (step #55 and #56) or what i've seen in your flight video. Can you confirm or deny this?

    UPDATE (again on 3/20/2010)
    I needed to swap canard wiring to the opposite reciver ports (aux1/aux2) as per manual documented.

    Left Canard = Aux 1
    Right Canard = Aux 2

    I FOUND THAT to make all flaps/canards to work properly I had to configure
    Left Canard = Aux 2
    Right Canard = Aux 1

    Not sure if this is 100% correct for everyone else but it worked for me. I also needed to REVERSE - REVERSING SW in my DX7 for RUDDER (wheel steering/vector thrust). These were the only things different from the manual instructions.

    I have all the setting for my DX7 uploaded to my Flickr page...

    Joshua Wilson

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    Re: Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards

    Yep, you caught us. We missed that the canards were working backwards for aileron function. We fixed it and made a new GIF. The GIF is correct and we put an addendum in the boxes before they shipped out. Make it do what the GIF does and you'll be set.

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    Re: Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards

    Thanks for the reply Jason.

    The only other problem I'm having is "slop" in the landing gear retract system. I have them adjusted "mechanically" so they lock in place properly when the gear are down but when i have them go up there is not enough travel to bring them all the way up.

    Is there a way to adjust the travel (exceed standard 100%) of the gear servos in my DX7 like you can for alerons, rudders, flaps, etc?

    What are your suggestions for this?

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    Re: Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards and Retracts

    Yes, you can use the Travel Adjust menu to change the end points of the gear channel.


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    Re: Eurofighter Programming Help / Canards and Retracts

    Thank you Jason - I have the gear working properly now.

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