I am new to this Hobby World. I have always wanted a RC car or truck, but worried about not getting the right thing. I live in Nashville and went directly to the Hobby Lobby store in Brentwood. I must say that these guys in the store are OUTSTANDING. I had no idea what I needed other than I wanted something fairly fast, easy to use and most of all durable.

The team all got involved and all agreed the Traxxas Slash 2WD truck was the best bet......and man were they right. This is amazing. Fast, durable and easy to use (see my review on the slash truck product page).

The reason for this post is the great customer support that Olaf and Neal gave me during my purchase. They were patient, kind, friendly and very knowledgeable. I beat the crap out of my truck for a full day and finally broke a small plastic part.
I brought the truck in and they helped me with the very easy repair. I am a newbie at this and they were very patient with me. Needless to say I can fix items myself after their counseling and the part was only $3.

I will finally say I am a over 40 year old guy. I have high demands for customer service and a very hard guy to please after years in Corporate America and the gang at the Hobby Lobby International store exceeded my expectations for customer service. So if your into this RC world or just a Newbie like me, stop by and see the Hobby Lobby team in Brentwood TN. Just a great group of guys. Kudos to you guys at Hobby Lobby. I thank you, my kids thank you for helping me get a great truck and my dog thanks you because now she gets exercise chasing my truck around the yard.