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Thread: Change over

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    Change over

    I have a "Super Cub LP w/Anti-Crash Technology (OVERSIZE)" when it bits the dust can I change it over to the "Super Cub SPEED 400 Electric" with the part? or what can I do?

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    Re: Change over

    Please explain the situation a littler better. Do you want to change the motor because the old has been damaged in a crash?

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    Re: Change over

    There is no damage to the motor not yet but I think Balsa wood would be stronger and take more crash I'm just learning how to fly. I just turn 62 and I want something todo.

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    Re: Change over

    I'm not exactly sure what it is that you want to do here, but I can tell you this.....balsa is NOT more forgiving in a crash than foam. Foam will bend a little and crush a little....balsa breaks.

    In my opinion, balsa was used in the past because it was light, strong, inexpensive, and easy to form....but mainly because foam wasn't an option. With the great foams available today, it is really the way to go.

    I do own some balsa planes and like them very much, but foam is just so much easier to have molded into just about any shape you want and some of the foams look pretty good.

    If you are looking for a strong and CRASHWORTHY airplane, look at something like a plane made out of EPP foam. It is flexible and will bounce in a crash. It will survive all but the very worst crashes. Crashes that would make a balsa plane into just a pile of sawdust :lol:


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    Re: Change over

    Can you tell a few plane that is made of EPP foam. or what to look for.

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    Re: Change over

    I agree. The SuperCub is great as it it. If you can glue any more simply replace the motor mount. A really good beginner airplane is the Multiplex easystar. The foam is as close to indestructible as it gets and the motor is in the back and wont get damaged as easily.

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    Change over

    The first thing I would do is find the local rc club. Find out where their flying field is and go talk to the guys there. They will be glad to help you get started. They will help you find someone who will teach you what you need to know, help you learn to fly, and provide advice and assistance for repairing and/or modifying your model. To find a club in your area, go to the Academy of Model Aeronautics web site at "" and click on the clubs tab. The AMA lists local clubs all over the U.S. and there is probably one near you.
    Next I would invest in an rc flight simulator. The sim will help you develop eye/hand coordination, muscle memory, and confidence. It will reduce your learning time and may reduce crashing due to "dumb thumbs".
    Lastly, I would try to keep a positive attitude and not assume your model will "bits" the dust. Avoid the self-fulfilling prophesy if possible. Good luck

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    Re: Change over

    Great advice!


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