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Thread: F-16 360 ESC settings....

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    F-16 360 ESC settings....

    Hey Guys

    I just received my F-16 with Thrust Vectoring from Hobby Lobby. I'm nearly done with all of the assembly and radio equipment. I ordered the almost ready to fly version that came with everything except for the radio.
    I consider myself a moderately advanced RC builder with plenty of planes before this one that have gone together and flown great. But I've seemed to run into a problem with the ESC on this new F-16. When I plug in the battery I get a series of beeps? It appears to never initialize? I've tried reversing the signal from the radio on that channel (3) and still nothing. And I'm sure I've got the throttle trim backed off enough for it with stick down. Iím afraid that I may have now accidently put it into programming mode and messed up an adjustment or two in my attempts to get it working.
    I'm wondering if this stock supplied ESC that came with the F-16 w/360 T.V. is indeed programmable, and if so -- where I might be able to get instructions for it?
    Iím using a Futaba 2.4GHz 10CG radio, and a R617FS receiver. I have experience with both of these in other EDF planes, but just canít seem to figure it out on the F-16.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: F-16 360 ESC settings....

    There is a throttle calibration setting you can do to fix it.

    Turn on the radio and move the throttle to full.
    Plug in the battery.
    You'll hear two beeps.
    Right after the second beep, pull the throttle all the way down.
    The ESC will then beep to confirm and initialize.

    Hope that helps.

    Jason Cole

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