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Thread: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

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    New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet

    With fully functioning canards and 360 degree thrust vectoring, the Eurofighter lets you perform maneuvers that aren't possible with other jets. Like other eRC products, the Eurofighter is packed with modeler-pleasing extras like a detailed cockpit, Midnight Flyers LED light set, and retractable landing gear with suspension. Also included is 90mm ducted fan, outrunner brushless motor, 85 amp controller, and 11 pre-installed servos.

    Eurofighter Highlights:

    * 90mm EDF unit
    * Outrunner B3553 motor (1750 Kv)
    * 85A ESC with 5A switch mode BEC
    * Dual 360 thrust vectoring nozzles
    * 7 LED Midnight Flyer light set
    * 11 9-gram servos pre-installed
    * 2 functioning canards
    * Scale retractable landing gear w/suspension
    * Detailed cockpit interior
    * Authentic trim scheme
    * Magnetic hatch access to battery

    Eurofighter Specs:

    * Wingspan: 37-1/2"
    * Length: 55"
    * Wing Area: 630 sq. in.
    * Flying Weight: 79 oz.
    * Thrust: 84-1/2 oz. (on 6 cells)

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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    Made from EPS eggshell, EPP or EPO foam?


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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    This one is EPS. For the size, EPS is lighter and will hold it's shape better than EPO or EPP.


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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    EPS is ok in GWS like flying toys, but not in a HOBBY GRADE r/c aircraft where strength and longevity are the most important factors considering one is expected to invest $400.00!

    RC-Lander jets are larger, FASTER, very strong, and they use ALL EPO!!!

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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    High Density EPS still has it's place in hobby grade aircraft like this Eurofighter. It's not an inferior foam to EPO. They both have strengths and weaknesses. One can have a preference to a particular type, but that does not make it better. This is one killer plane and the stiffer EPS foam will look better and hold it's shape much longer than an EPO plane would of this size.


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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    I can not help but to disagree with you. EPS IS INFERIOR TO EPO!! Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS), is NOT a "hobby grade" material considering the environmental stresses it must be exposed to especially when it has to support and protect a edf jet airframe. Not to mention the potential damage due to transportation, also makes EPS an unreliable and inferior airframe material ! Not getting into it's chemical composition, EPO does hold its shape especially when it is sitting on a hot tared runway in August for hours and after traveling at over 100mph in a turbulent air stream.
    As for looks, the foam cells are very dense, compact and take a nice smooth metallic like configuration that holds up well and enhances any paint scheme! The looks of EPO, when painted correctly, rival any composite fiberglass airframe out on today's market.
    Any aircraft performing at speeds over 100mph must have a quality hobby grade foam. Any deformations, if any and I have never had to do this on my EPO jets, are easily fixed with a wet rag and a hot 300 degree iron. The hot steam generated, will reshape the EPO surface. I challenge any edf jet pilot out there to try this simple maintenance on their EPS jets. I'm sure there will be a melt down and the airframe will be having its last flight towards the trash can, after all the electronics and hardware have been removed for the next EPS airframe ! This is clearly great for Hobby-Lobby's new "Inventory Reduction Sale, I & II" plan designed as an incentive to make more money on R/C Jet EPS Parts!
    I have checked out all of the HL 360 EPS jets at my LHS, and I must say that the tensile strength of the EPS airframes on these jets is the same tensile strength as the EPS foam that makes up a Dunkin Doughnuts coffee cup. Still want to invest $400.00 for a D&D like airframe?

    If the EuroFighter had a strong EPO airframe shell and a quality high thrust power plant to support that airframe, then only can this jet be classified as Hobby Grade.


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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    Wow I just bought an F-35 360 thrust, I sure hope it holds up. I'd hate to think I paid $279.00 to have it start falling apart in a year!

    Mcgiver in WV

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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    I sure hope HL has changed, I used to buy all my hobby supplies there but the shipping and the service went to the dogs back in the 80's. I sure hope my F-35 360 thrust holds up so I can fly it at SEFF and Joe Nall!!

    Mcgiver in WV

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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    Your jets should hold up but with EPS foam, there is that constant worry of breakage especially the slightest ding in your car during transportation. Now if Hobby-lobby changed their crazy warranty policy from only 30 days to "lifetime" with no questions asked, like Horizon Hobby's warranty policy on all E-Flight, ParkZone and HobbyZone products, you would have no worries! Anyway, to protect your investments, just keep your jets in a suit case or large cargo case with padded sides during transportation. As for my RC-Lander EPO jets, I just throw them in the back of my pickup truck and let them mingle with my tool box and scrap metal parts while on the go!
    EPS glues well using either epoxy or foam safe CA. EPO , if it should ever break at all, glues well with hot melt glue due to its flexability.

    As for lasting a year? Ha Ha! The StarMax PNP F9-F Panther that I had purchased last November from H-L lasted me only four weeks. The Panther's fragile EPS airframe made its final flight into the town dumpster! Or, I should say, my $100.00 investment in this non-hobby grade toy, went into the town dumpster. The jet's airframe and cheap, crap, stock landing gear and steering servo, just could not withstand landing on a paved surface. How many times did I try to fix the bent front steering struts after a landing? Also, the gears on the steering servo were stripped. A MG servo should have been used for steering!
    Too bad, I spent a lot of time painting a nice yellow trim scheme, installing carbon fiber rods in the main wings and beefed up the stock landing gear struts with 1/8" wire. I also replaced the plastic steering servo with a high torque MG servo. The major weak point was in the aileron servo wells which always caused a major break through the entire main wing surface during a hot landing. Also, there were always breaks between the air intakes and the rear cockpit. After repair gluing the Panther for the tenth time here and there, the airframe was no longer air worthy and she could no longer fly.


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    Re: New! eRC Eurofighter - 360TV - Functional Canrards

    After dealing with EPS planes for many years still owning many that have lasted through show after show and flying events, I can attest to high density EPS foam as being a quality hobby grade material. Not all EPS foam is the same and the poor quality foam drypipe is referring to sure will cause problems. Based on my extensive experience with this foam, there is simply no reason to be fearful of it. As long as you take care and handle it properly, these jets and planes will last you many many flying seasons.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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