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Thread: Mini Telemaster Assembly

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    Mini Telemaster Assembly

    I bought a mini telemaster ARF -- the kit did not have any instructions on final assembly-- ie attaching radio equipment in fuselauge, final assembly and alignment of wing halves, landing gear attachment, tail assembly attachment--

    I have managed to figure some of the assemble procedures out but a set of instructions would be nice-- especially in installing the reciever, battery, hooking up the push rods, balancing, etc.

    Is there an online pdf file available that would be of help in putting the ARF plane together and balancing the model.

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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly

    You will find that detailed instructions aren't given with planes due to the large differences and choices of receivers, servos, batteries and so on.

    Here is what I do. First, I "Google" the plane and see what others have done :D

    Then I loosely place the receiver, battery, servos, and anthing else I'm going to use, in the fuselage. Use masking tape if needed. Check the CoG and move the items around until I have the CoG correct. Don't forget to add the propeller and spinner. You don't want to permenently mount items, then find you need to move them.

    I mount my receiver with velcro, servos are normally screwed into rails fastened across the fuselage, batteries are either mounted with velcro or velcro straps.

    I'd post my Telemaster for you, but I have the Senior Telemaster and the Micro Telemaster, but not the mini...which isn't very "mini" is it.

    The locations and routings should become obvious if you look at things for a few minutes.

    Hope this helps some.


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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly

    Oh, almost forgot. Check this link out. It shows step-by-step instructions for you. You may need to make some changes due to your particular gear. ... %20ARF.pdf


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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly


    Thanks very much-- This was very useful for a beginner-- :D

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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly

    Glad I could help. Let us know how your Mini-Telemaster comes out.


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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly


    One more question regarding the installation of the battery in the Mini telemaster-- Obviously the Lipo Battery must be moved in front of the bulkhead seperating the nose compartment and cockpit compartment to obtain the proper balance for the airplane.

    Problem: The battery will fit through the opening in the bulk head and can be pushed entirely into the nose section of the airplane. However, I see no way to use a velcro strap to secure it because of insufficent space in the bulkhead opening to place a strap and work with it when the battery is placed.

    I could cut a piece of foam and wedge the battery to keep it from moving or cut an opening and make a hatch so the nose section could be accessed.

    I am sure that the solution is much simpler-- just like to know how this has been solved in the past by others.

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    Re: Mini Telemaster Assembly

    Gee, my first answer got lost.

    Anyhow, on my Micro-Telemaster, I built a hatch for the battery. Using the top sheeting, I just added some 1/8" thick scrap around the edge for strength and used a piece of popsickle stick glued to the bottom front of the hatch to hold the hatch down. In the rear of the hatch, I use a couple magnets to hold the hatch in place. This makes removal quick and tools needed.

    This is pretty simple to do and is much easier than removing the wing and working in that small opening.


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