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Thread: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

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    eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    Retracts with sequenced gear doors that deploy at scale speed are just the beginning. The B-25 Apache Princess also comes with navigation lights, counter-rotating props, two brushless motors, two brushless controllers, ten pre-installed servos, and a 3-cell lipoly battery pack. Constructed from tough EPO foam the B-25 is an airplane that will quickly become a favorite flyer. The ground handling is solid, the wide landing gear make takeoffs and landings a breeze.

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    Here are the parts that come in the B-25 Apache Princess box. My box arrived a bit dented but none of the parts were damaged as they were well secured. All the parts were individually wrapped in plastic but I removed most of the bags for a better look.

    Note the navigation lights on the wing tips. The retracts and gears doors are already installed. Plus, the gear doors are even sequenced!

    The kit includes two brushless motors, two sets of counter-rotating props, a 3-cell 2500mAh LiPo flight battery pack, balancing charger and AC adapter. The B-25 is a highly scale-detailed, receiver-ready ARF that requires minimum assembly.

    Next up...a close look at the fuselage!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B25_Parts8.jpg   B25_Parts7.jpg   B25_Parts6.jpg  

    B25_Parts5.jpg   B25_Parts4b.jpg   B25_Parts4a.jpg  

    B25_Parts3.jpg   B25_Parts2b.jpg   B25_Parts2a.jpg  


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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    The B-25 fuselage is over 3' long. The nose wheel is retractable, steerable, and has a sequenced door. In fact, the B-25 has three pre-installed gear door sequencers!

    The flight battery is easily accessed through the canopy hatch which is held in place by two strong magnets. The tail linkage is all pre-installed and the horizontal stabilizer is screwed into place instead of glued.

    The B-25 has great attention to scale detail which includes numerous pre-allied decals, guns, air scoops, radio antennas, and a scale Apache Princess scheme.

    Next up...assembly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B25_Fuselage5.jpg   B25_Fuselage4.jpg   B25_Fuselage3.jpg  

    B25_Fuselage2.jpg   B25_Fuselage1.jpg  

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    I am looking at the B25 for summer flying looks like a great plane.
    How are the wings attached to the fuselage??
    What is the normal flight duration on a LiPo 2200??

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    I would also be interested in flying times with this battery. It seems rather small in capacity for this task.

    The build of this plane was simple. Somewhat cluttered and messy in the radio compartment. The only issue I had in the asembly was on the inside of the dummy engine plate that goes inside of the cowl. The holes that were either molded of heated in (from the front) and left plastic extended back toward the motor. If you don;t trim this off, it will rub on the motor. I was able to get it off from the front with an exacto knife, rolling the knife from the front into the hole on an angle to trim the "flashing" off.

    Otherwise a nice model. Not sure how it will fly yet. Looks a bit underpowered perhaps, but we'll see.

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess


    Thanks for the heads up on the motor rubbing issue. I will look for it when I get to that step of the assembly.

    As for the flight duration, I'm not there yet either but you can see how the wings attach below. The supplied glue is used inside the wing opening in the fuselage and it is then pressed into place. No alignment is needed but you need to make sure the wing is seated all the way into the fuselage. Fortunately, you can see the wing seating by peering into the canopy opening. Not shown yet are the two metal support rods that get inserted into pre-installed guides from the opposite side to strengthen the wing. I'll be sure to photo this as it is the next step.

    Note the color coding and numbering on all the pre-made harnesses. Your only task is to line up the black wires and then tape the connections to keep them secure.

    The motors are simply pressed into place and held by tightening a set screw with the supplied hex wrench. The three motor wires plug into the mating ESC connectors. The manual says to fix the motor spinning direction later in the assembly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B25_Assembly3b.jpg   B25_Assembly3a.jpg   B25_Assembly2.jpg  


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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    The two wire wing stiffeners are inserted after the first wing half is installed. The second wing half was then installed after I applied a bead of glue around the inside of the fuselage opening.

    Two foam covers are then glued to hide the wires along the bottom side of the wing. I added a piece of tape to hold one end that wanted to pop up.

    Before you know it, the plane starts to look like a B-25!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B25_Assembly3d.jpg   B25_Assembly3c.jpg  

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    I am having trouble getting the retracts to work. I have a brend new receiver and my gear switch does work on the tx. i have checked all the connections. I am at a loss

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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    Make sure you didn't connect the Y-harnesses up backwards. That's easy to do and they won't work if that's the case.


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    Re: eRC B-25 Apache Princess

    Thank you for your suggestion. i checked all wires and all colors matchup. When I plug the battery back in the retracts will kick out and then retract but thats it. Maybe it is my tx or rx. Thank you again


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