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Thread: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

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    Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    Good Morning Everybody!

    I'm Dave Davis, sole proprietor of Telemaster Sales UK.

    I have had an enquiry from a gentleman from Northern Ireland who wanted to know whether a Saito 62 would power a Senior Telemaster ARTF. The smallest four-stroke I've ever heard of successfully flying an STM is an OS 70, however, according to the Saito website a Saito 62 will turn a 13x6 propeller at 9,900 rpm.

    This seems powerful enough to me, what do you think?

    Happy Landings

    Dave Davis

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    It will fly it, but the power will be on the light side and may require some lead in the nose to balance properly.

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    Thursday 11th March was my 62nd birthday. Booked the day off as annual leave which was a bit naughty as I'd only just started a new job on 22nd February! However, I took my Senior Telemaster ARF which I'd recently re-engined with an old OS 61FS, to the flying field.

    The old OS four-stroke flew it without difficulty so the more modern Saito 62 shouldn't have any problems either.

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    Happy Birthday. I'm only a year behind you and looking forward to doing the maiden flight on my Senior Telemaster soon. Mine is electric though. The weather is good enough today, but the wife is away with work and I really want her to see the first flight.


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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    That will be very nice Cliff. My STM is set up so that I may convert it from IT to electric pretty quickly.

    What equipment are you using in your electric set-up?

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    I have the STM set up with a Turnigy SK 50-55 580kV motor and an 80 amp esc. I'm using a Castle Creations BEC to power the radio and servos. Prop is a 14 X 10. Battery is a 5,000 mAh 4 cell lipo.

    That is 58.5 amps and 900 watts right now. The motor should be able to handle considerably more power if needed by using a larger prop, but I think 900 watts should be okay.


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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    Congratualtions on your maiden flight Cliff!

    I flew mine on Easter Saturday with the OS 61 as the weather was pleasant enough with almost no wind. I found that the OS 61 provided enough power but it didn't leap off the ground and you had to make sure it had plenty of groundspeed before dabbing that up elevator. Once the wheels had left the ground it was fine.

    A chap came over from Birmingham to buy a Telemaster 40 kit from me. Birmingham is about 43 miles away from my house. I took him to our flying field and gave him a go on a buddy-box with the STM. Our Club Secretary, a semi-retired Senior Fire Officer, is a novice r/c flier and he brought his kit-built electric Senior Telemaster and used it to practice for his A Certificate examination.

    The A Certificate is a bit like passing your driving test, once you've passed it you may fly unsupervised at our club. His test is next Saturday. He should pass.

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    If you ever decide to go electric, my power set up gives me take off in about 20 feet in fairly tall grass. I just ease the throttle forward and never get to 2/3 throttle before she lifts off.


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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    I have flown mine with a 1400 watt electric motor, 6S LiPo, 60 watt speed controller and 17x10 prop. With this combination it leaps off the ground but it does make the model quite a bit heavier so that the flying characteristics are different.

    It's a lovely day today so I'll just get some gardening done then I'll be of flying the STM.

    It would be only the work of a couple of hours to convert it back to electric power.

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    Re: Saito 62 and Senior Telemaster ARTF

    1400 watts! I'll bet it does leap!

    The motor I'm using is rated up to 1400 watts, but I'm only running 900 watts with a 4 cell lipo pack and a 14x10 prop and the plane has lots of power. This combination does keep me at about the most efficient power level for the motor.


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