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Thread: Broken Customer Service Link

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    Broken Customer Service Link


    I was attempting to contact your customer service center about the expected arrival date of backordered item #HBZ4800 (my order #37994S100119) and noticed the "Contact sales" link on your Support page was broken.

    Could you please let me know when this item is expected in? I was hoping to have it in for my boyfriend's birthday in February.


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    Re: Broken Customer Service Link

    We are supposed to have those by the end of this month, but are at the mercy of the manufacturer to get them to us on time. We'll do everything we can to get it to you for his Birthday.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Broken Customer Service Link


    Do you have an update on the backordered part #HBZ4800 (my order #37994S100119)? I sent an iquiriy via the customer service link, and have yet to receive a reply.



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    Re: Broken Customer Service Link

    We got some in last week and have more coming today or tomorrow. We have quite a few back orders on it, but hopefully they can get us enough to fill them all.


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    Re: Broken Customer Service Link


    I tried tracking my order status, and it's still showing as "in progress". Did you receive enough units to fill my order last week? If not, when do you expect to get more in?



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    Re: Broken Customer Service Link

    Just talked to the purchasing manager. He said they only got a couple in, but that he is expecting our full shipment to be here on Friday.


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