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Thread: Wrong version of F-35 was shipped..

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    Wrong version of F-35 was shipped..

    Hi Guys,
    Not sure what to do, or how to fix it, but I just received my F-35 360 shipped up here to Canada. It
    arrived n great shape, except it appears it is the airframe only version. No motor, battery, servos, esc
    so on...... I paid for the full version. Should I take some photo`s to show it`s the airframe only? I`m going to start
    chemotherapy next
    Friday, so I just wanted to let someone know about this. My order # 37501s100114 Any
    suggestions as to what to do would be appreciated!
    I`d like to get it figured out before next week.
    Kerry McAllister

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    Re: Wrong version of F-35 was shipped..

    Hi Kerry,
    Rachel is working on this via your support case you submitted.

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