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Thread: Selecting a lipo charger

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    Selecting a lipo charger

    I am fairly new to flying with lipo multi-celled batteries. I recently purchased the Powerwing 1300mah 3s 20c battery from HL only later to discover that the lipo charger we have will not function with 3c batteries. Which should I consider when making a decision for a charger? I like the price of the GR6437, but it does not balance the cells. I like the HT9253 because it does NiCad, NIMH, and Lithium (does it do LiPo?). Do I really need to balance 3 cell lipos? If so should I buy a charger/balancer combo or purchase them separately? Help! :?

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    Re: Selecting a lipo charger

    You really do need to balance 3 cell lipos. When new, most lipos will stay pretty much balanced, however, as they age, individual cells will change slightly. They will not be balanced at the end of a flight. Any lipo battery, other than a single cell lipo, will need to be balanced charged or charged, then balanced.

    There are items like the Astro y that will balance your battery after you charge them. You can find them for around $25. Other people like to use a balance charger. The end product is the same and it is just personal choice.

    For what it is worth, my wife and I both fly, so we have about 40 mixed 2, 3, and 4 cell lipos. We use a mix of chargers and balancers and have no real preference.

    The last charger I bought, arrived today, was from Hobby-Lobby. The Intelli-Speed charger that is in the "Bargin Hanger" on sale. Nice charger and very easy to use. The instruction manual is in German though :roll:

    If you are going to stay in the hobby, you will never be sad that you bought a good charger.


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    Re: Selecting a lipo charger

    Another issue with Lipos is that there are 5 different standards for the balance connections for Lipos.
    That being then depending on whose brand you buy they vary on the balance connections.
    The good news is there are adapters made for all of these different balance connections.
    Just so you know the Powerwing lipos use a format called "align JST XH"
    We do have a charger that is a balancer and charger all in one that works with this directly.
    We also have Thunder Power adapters to fit this charger/balancer that comes with it.
    This then fits all the Lipos that we sell.
    Here is that charger: iC6 LiPlus Intelligent Digital Balance Charger Balance charger has temperature sensor and Thunder Power adaptersProduct# SRC506Price: $75.99

    Thanks very much for the input Cliff, well said.
    On Cliff's comment, I do not know if the Astro y will plug directly into the balance connector
    for the Power Wing Lipo. I do not know what format the y will match, I never had one and we do
    not sell it.

    I wholeheartedly agree that balancing them all the time is a good thing.
    I do it on every charge while it is charging.

    Is it better to buy a charger/balancer or separate units. With adapter needed for both of them it is
    about a toss up, since I like to balance while I am charging.
    On the other hand chargers without balancers are by far the most common and you can find the best deals that

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