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Thread: Intelli-Speed charger

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    Intelli-Speed charger

    I just received my Intelli-Speed battery charger from Hobby-Lobby. It appears to be a nicely made charger and looks similar to a Triton Jr., only the Intelli-Speed will charge at a higher rate.

    Here is the problem: the only manual enclosed is in German. All the wording on the screen is in english and I am certain that I can figure the charger out easy enough.

    Is there a link to an english version of the manual available for download anywhere? I tried Simprop Electronics web site with no luck.


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    Re: Intelli-Speed charger


    I have a pdf of the manual that is pretty close. I use it when using this charger.
    It is not exact but functionally good to use.

    Please go into our support section and put in for a technical support case and put
    in the subject "Simprop Charger manual request to Jay"

    I will then send it to you on the return email.
    It is too big and a PDF to put here.
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Intelli-Speed charger

    Thanks Jay, I'll get that out to you. The charger is so simple to use that no manual is really required, however, a manual is always a good thing to have. I'm one of those people that actually reads them :lol:


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