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Thread: Vectored F35 + 5s Question

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    Vectored F35 + 5s Question

    Hi all I have had the f35 for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it, no real problems in over 20 flights, but if do get any grime or dirt from a botched landing :shock: into the front retract it will not come down untill it is cleaned.
    I am ok with the stock setup but would like to know if the esc and motor will handle a 5s Batt, I have a hyperion 35c 2200mah 5s that fits like the plane was made for it so does anyone have some info on this yet? Thanks.

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    Re: Vectored F35 + 5s Question

    It's not rated to handle a 5S on the stock system. I'm sure you would fry something after a short while.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Vectored F35 + 5s Question

    Thanks for the info can you recomend a setup for 5s i need a little more vertical. Is the motor and esc not rated or just the esc.? Thanks.

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    Re: Vectored F35 + 5s Question

    Would need an ESC that can handle 5S. The motor wouldn't last too long and stock fan may not hold up either. I'm not sure what all else is out there. You would need to find a 70mm Fan/motor combo that is rated for 5S. We don't have anything like that at the moment.


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    Re: Vectored F35 + 5s Question

    Thanks for the info just what I needed to know, I will buy a new esc and see how long the stock motor last while my new 70mm system is being shipped. Still a really good flying bird as I have close to 40 flights now and am still running with no failures anyware. Stock.

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