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Thread: StarMax F18

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    StarMax F18

    does hobby lobby still carry the StarMax angels one ? if not, know where i can get one ? thanks.

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    Re: StarMax F18


    Go to and off to the left, click on "Starmax", you will find the jet there on the first page! It's the F-18-c for $133.70 USD.

    HOWEVER>>>>..., If you want a BETTER quality jet, look to "Cyclone Power's" 64mm jets by RC-Lander. The" BAE Hawk" PNP and retract ready and "Thunder Blade" PNP. They are not made of cheap EPP foam but from the better quality EPO foam. The "Thunder Blade" is PNP and has the metal 64mm Red Velocity jet engine already installed and balanced just install a good quality 50a esc! Cyclone Power (or RC-Lander), soon will be developing a "P-80 Shooting Star" PNP for 2010. Yes, shipping from RC-Castle is high but the products are better than the StarMax and you really can not find the Lander 64mm jets anywhere except from this site or because they are the sold distributor for Tim Won owner of RC-Lander. Any problems, they will accept a return at any time and fix the problem at no extra cost except shipping. Or you can go to the RC-Lander site and email Tim and he will walk you through your problem or have you send it back to him for repairs. Alos, they charge no restocking fees after you owned it after 30 days

    I ordered the last of Hobby-Lobby StarMax Panther and it is Junk because the foam if very fragile and I am sure it was either EPS or EPP. Also,the EDF unit was under powered and overheated the plastic fan unit because of that 30a esc! Also, the landing gear bent way too easily. If you are going to develop an edf jet, you MUST, MUST USE QUALITY material for the airframe plus electronics! This is very importlan to prevent constant repairs DUE TO DAMAGE FROM CONSTANT USE and, after the tenth repair, the airworthiness of the aircraft is gone. The jet came in hot, so I added flaperons to slow it down somewhat during approach but, every time I landed, the landing gear was always bent to hell to the point where I had to make my own from 1/8" tail wheel stock. But once the steering gear got bent, and the cheap plastic gear steering servo got stripped, I had to replace the servo with a Hitec HS- 82 metal gear servo and use a Du-Bro spring loaded tail wheel unit! I only got it because I love straight wing 1950s era jets and because I thought I could hop it up with an E-Flight Derlta V edf. It flew fine, but like I said, the most importlan part of the jet (air frame) on the StarMax Jets are too fragile- Its is like trying to fly a hollow egg shell with a quality edf unit installed!! AKA.. ALFA?
    Got off the subject, but I like to see quality jets in the skies lately

    Also,two great EPO jet on the market just recently, are the J-10B and X-35 by these jets are made out of a special EPO material that is on steroids and is much stronger than the Multiplex EPP Elaporfoam material. I think this company is up and coming in the foam jet market.

    Happy New Year!


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