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Thread: Senior Telemaster 8' ARF Yellow Failure

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    Senior Telemaster 8' ARF Yellow Failure

    This is the results of poor workmanship at the factory for this ARF. I don't want to redo an ARF to make it safe to fly.
    These images were taken after the crash, caused by the lifting strut coming loose in side the wing from failed Glue joints. Two sutface points attaching to the Hard Spot for the strut, thin ply on spare and the balsa rib. Note the control surface hinges and the lack of glue, and only the small screw for attachment.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC08116.JPG   DSC08115.JPG   DSC08122.JPG  

    DSC08126.JPG   DSC08118.JPG   DSC08121.JPG  


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