If you should have some free time this week, could you give the new Freewing "Skyblazer" F-86 Sabre Jet a take off test to see if it can ROG on the drop tanks?

Also I hope that this one is a lot better than the StarMax F9-F Panther. The EPS foam on that Panther was too fragile for everyday flying and if you should bump a wing in the car during a trip to the field, you had a hot glue repair job to do. The weakest point was in the aileron servo wells under the main wings. If not breaking something in my car, there was always that additional second break at the servo wells again upon landing. After so many glue repairs, the jet became unstable in flight, and was no longer flyable - just only two weeks of purchase! All this due to a weak ESP foam airframe!!
Also, the landing gear always bent back to hell, and the steering servo's plastic gears got stripped every time upon landings! I had to go with a HS-82 MG servo as a replacement and I made my own landing gear with 1/8" tail wheel struts. Oh ya, not to mention, the motor was somewhat underpowered and overheated due to the 30a esc. I replaced the edf unit and esc with a E-Flite Delta V and a E-Flite 60a esc with much better results but after all the glue repairs on the cheap foam airframe, the jet was no longer airworthy.

R.I.P. StarMax Panther.