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Thread: RTF or BNF?

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    RTF or BNF?

    I'm new to the RC world and i have been researching where to start. I have really enjoyed flying a couple of cheap heli's(my sons $30 deals) and am ready to get a "real" one. I plan on purchasing a Blade mcx and a flight sim software - and my question is this:

    Should i buy the mcx rtf that includes a transmitter or should i buy the phonex pro rc flight sim package that has a transmitter and then buy the BNF version of the mcx?

    Although i want to master heli's first - i can see wanting to venture into planes one day as well. Will either of the two transmitters i have mentioned above work for some/all planes as well?

    Whats the best direction to take? I am limited in budget but want to make my purchases count and viable for future purchases.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Re: RTF or BNF?

    I would strongly suggest this:

    The very best choice is to get the Spektrum DX6i Full Range Transmitter OnlyFull range 2.4 GHz transmitter onlyProduct# SPMR6600Price: $149.99
    This has memory and will work helis and airplanes plus work with the Phoenix system and all the BNF models.
    So you can have a BNF heli and plane and just switch to the various memories that you have set up for each.
    This by far will give you the best flexibility and the most future growth room.
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    Re: RTF or BNF?

    I think BNF is nice option compare to RTF.
    So I will go with BNF.

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