By Hobby Lobby's own Debra Love:

Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the place
We were packin’ and shippin’
At a furious pace.

With Dave C. checking in
Clay and Bobby to buy,
We all knew this Christmas
Could hit a new high

When out in the lot
There arose such a clatter
We ran to the dock door
To see what was the matter

Some big guy arrived and from what we could see
It was a definite case of ‘hobby emergency’

His eyes were all bloodshot, his hands, how they shook!
As from his red hemi powered F150 Ford
He pulled this big book.

“I’m in trouble here”, he confessed, “I’m not done!”
“Some kid in Memphis wants this P-51
And another in Kansas wants some kind of jet
It says “with 360” but that I don’t get

It’s more elves I need and just what kind I knew
Only you guys at Hobby Lobby would do!

So we sprang into action to help this guy out
After all, helping others is what Christmas is about.
He finally relaxed and was so glad he came,
That he hummed and he whistled, and called us by name,

Go David, go Chrystal, go Robert, and Neal
Even at the North Pole, I’ve rare seen such zeal
Charisse keep on singing, Joe pack it tight,
Marcius be sure it gets sent overnight.

Now Jenny, now Jill and Mary Beth too,
Would you all consider a big IOU?

Megan, Ashley, and Laura,
Taisha, Henry and Brian,
Even though you’re part timers, you’re full timer-tryin’.

On Scott E, on Tommy, on Kevin, on Deb
I can see why the workshop needs to be on the web!

And I see you have sales elves—you’d best hide them away,
Or Christina, Olaf, Scott and Chris will end up in my sleigh,

See I’ve had lots of companies
With sales reps on their list,
I can see you have no extras,
So I’ll kindly resist.

Don’t think I can’t see
Why you’re all so merry,
When led by this elf, aka
Crazy Larry!

And who do I thank for giving these products such fame?
Jason, Daniel, Dar, Mike—
You’re the ones I should blame!

And don’t worry Rachel, these gifts won’t come back,
Cause this is a non-returnable sack

I’m having a great time, but I have one reproof,
Some guy named Mark wanted me on your roof.
Now don’t think I’m too good, but I do have this fear,
So roofs are something I just do once a year.

Mark, all is forgiven since your elves are so merry,
I’d love to stay longer but I really can’t tarry.

And we heard him exclaim as he fired up his ½ ton,
Boy at Hobby Lobby, they sure do “Share the Fun”
And we all shouted back as he drove out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!”