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Thread: Hobby Lobby Does Birthday Parties in Style!

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    Hobby Lobby Does Birthday Parties in Style!

    With the old retail store moved to it's new home in the upper level of the Hobby Lobby R/C Fun Center, its space has been transformed into the ultimate celebration center for birthday parties, corporate events, or just a "guys day out". Hobby Lobby hosted it's first birthday party in the new space Saturday December 19th. It was a pure blast from start to finish with 12 boys enjoying the new facility to its fullest. As they walk in the door, they are greeted with huge Slash trucks on the counter and a 47" flat screen on the wall running a flight simulator. It was amazing how fast the kids were able to get the hang of flying. There is another tv playing videos of R/C trucks in action. You should have heard the oohs and aaws as the trucks hit huge jumps at full speeds. Next was a brief introduction to the Traxxas Slash trucks that they were able to drive themselves. Once on the track, the kids went crazy. There were 6 trucks on the track at once with partners switching every 5 minutes. They were laughing and screaming and jumping and loving every minute of it. The workers got some great exercise chasing down the stray trucks as the went off course. The Slash R/C truck is the perfect match for this kind of work. It handled the jumps and bumps and crashes with literally no damaged parts after a whole hour of punishment. That was really impressive. Great job Traxxas! After playing the kids came back inside for cake and more simulator time. They were all given a grab bag that had some fun party favors, catalogs, coupons, and some small gliders to play with. From the looks on their faces, this had to the best birthday ever!

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    Re: Hobby Lobby Does Birthday Parties in Style!

    Hey Guys,
    We just had a party at our R/C Fun Center at Hobby Lobby on February 20, 2010. We had a group of about 10 boys who had a blast racing our Traxxas Slash trucks around the track and playing on the flight simulator. The mother of two of the boys, Ms. Julie B., had some great words to share.

    To Mark Cleveland:
    "Thanks so much for having my boys and some of their friends over Saturday to play with the cars. They all had sooo much fun. Jason and Ashley really worked hard and were great with the kids. Looking forward to coming back one day when it is all complete and watch the trains. Thanks Again- Julie B."

    To the workers:
    "Thank you so much for having us all out to play Saturday. My boys had a blast. You two really worked your butts off and were such good sports about everything. They can't wait to come again. (HAHA) Thanks Again- Julie B."

    We really appreciate the feedback from Julie, and we're super excited about all the future plans for our R/C Fun Center!!

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    Re: Hobby Lobby Does Birthday Parties in Style!

    Thanks for share good link keep it up!!!!

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    Re: Hobby Lobby Does Birthday Parties in Style!

    Do you fly RC aircraft? What is your interest in this site?


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