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Thread: F-86 Skyblazers EPO Foam

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    F-86 Skyblazers EPO Foam

    F-86 Skyblazers EDF Jet ARF

    Tough EPO jet - Simple, Fun and Inexpensive
    Before the Thunderbirds, there were the Skyblazers, formed in 1949 from members of the 22nd Fighter Squadron of the 36th Fighter Wing in Europe. They began flying the F-80 Shooting Star, but moved on to the F-84 Thunderjet and finally, and most famously, to the F-86 Sabre. The team performed over 250 demonstrations in Europe and became the seed of what was to become the Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team.

    Our F-86 has a 27-1/2" wingspan and is 27-1/2" long with a 17 oz. flying weight. This receiver-ready EPO jet is pre-painted and ready to assemble in about an hour. Designed for simple everyday flying, the model is hand launched and lands on the reinforced drop tanks.

    Included is a 64mm ducted fan with a 4300Kv Outrunner brushless motor and 30 amp speed controller with BEC. A 1600 mAh 3-cell Lipo battery supplies the power and is pre-connected with genuine Deans Ultra connectors. Three 9-gram servos are pre-installed and ready to plug into your radio equipment; a minimum of 3 channels is required.

    The large battery hatch is held in place by magnets making battery swaps quick and easy. The F-86 is easy to handlaunch and has plenty of power. The model handles easily and is a solid performer with good speed and a quick roll rate. Landings are low anxiety events due to the slow approach speed and the tough airframe.

    The F-86 Skyblazers is also available in an Airframe Only version.


    * Wingspan: 27-1/2" (700mm)
    * Fuselage length: 27-1/2" (700mm)
    * Flying weight: 16-1/2 oz. (470g)
    * 64mm EDF
    * 4300Kv outrunner brushless motor
    * 3-cell, 11.1V, 1600 mAh 20C lipo battery with genuine Deans Ultra connector
    * 30A speed control with BEC and genuine Deans Ultra connector
    * Three 9 gram Servos
    * No Landing gear

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    Re: F-86 Skyblazers EPO Foam

    Can this motor run a 4 cell. I know I would have to replace the ESC.

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    Re: F-86 Skyblazers EPO Foam

    It's pushing it, but it will do it.


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