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Thread: im looking for a motor

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    im looking for a motor

    i need a motor about 2200-2500 KV and if possible a prop adapter for it it can be in runner + gearbox or out runner doesn't matter but i cant find a motor for me because all the descriptions tell me its shiny basically

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    Re: im looking for a motor

    None of the AXI's fall into that range and the few inrunners that we have that fit any gearboxes are higher in RPM.
    Then any other inrunners don't have a matching gearbox. As you mention a gearbox, so I assume this is not a EDF application.
    I'm afraid that we do not have anything along those lines.
    I suggest that you might want to look at the two big Inrunner manufacturers.
    NEU and Hacker.

    Sorry to let you down.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: im looking for a motor

    RC Flyer,

    Try They have Himax brushless motors and inrunners that are pre mounted to gearboxes too!


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