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Thread: New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber

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    New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber


    That new "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber looks great ! Wow !~ I am very impressed. I really think you have something here interms of a rugged PNP edf jet without all the complex and expensive bells and whistles. I am sure this will give Kamdax Co. some competition with their 73mm "RXR Mig-15", where it is only made from cheap low quality EPP foam material ! I also like the fact that you went with EPO material. Maybe Alfa Model will finally figure it out and get rid of that awful fragile hollow blow mold EPS (expanded Polystyrene) junk and order some epo stock material for import to Chezlovakia.
    From the video, I don't think this little saber jet needs a motor upgrade. What is next? Composit fiberglass and balsa? Hope,Hope...

    I have a few questions:

    1. How does it compare to the Alfa Sabre /"little Screamer" set up in terms of speed and handling ?

    2. Can this jet "ROG" on its drop tanks like the "Alfa Sabre", when the Alfa after market drop tanks are installed?

    3. Can a 1800 mAh Enerland/Polyquest lipo be used as a battery upgrade or would this be too heavy?

    4. Does this jet have the same "64mm edf fan Unit" and "similar" outrunner motor ( FWF90137? ) made by Free Wing ? (also installed on the SU-34: X2 )

    5. What is the static thrust of the stock 64mm edf unit? ( grams/oz.)

    6. May I ask who is the OEM manufacturer?

    Also, Do you think Hobby-Lobby will request a P-80 or F-80 Shooting Star edf version in the near future? The market needs more 1950s straight wing cold war era EDF jets, like the RC Lander Panthers and Cougar series.

    I think I just may purchase this one and give it a test fly at my club side by side with the guys who fly their 73mm Kadmax Mig-15s with their stock setups, and see which stock RXR jet rules.
    I'm sure this little F-86 will do just fine!

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    Re: New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber

    Hi Frank,
    Glad you like this one. Th Alfa F-86 is a little faster and offers ROG capabilities with the tank wheels. I don't think this EPO 86 will ROG, but I haven't tried it yet to know for sure. You should be able to use an 1800 pack, but it may require some mods to the battery area depending on size. It does use the same 64mm fan and motor as in the SU-34's. I'm not sure how much thrust it puts out though. We'll be working on some more jets of this type for sure.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber


    I appreciate all the H-L products. I started my r/c hobby with your stuff and now the hobby has developed into a sport.
    I would like to see more Composite balsa type of aircraft especially in the edf category. Manufactures like Composite ARF, SAPAC, High End Technology and Shulman Aviation, will attract a higher end customer who is willing to spend more $$ on a high end hobby grade aircraft.


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    Re: New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber

    My Skyblazer was missing instructions and when I filled out a Tech support request I got back that I could get it on line. I can not find link to make a copy
    Please advise

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    Re: New "Skyblazers" F-86 Saber

    I am very sorry that it was missing the instructions. That happens some times.

    Here is the link to the instructions:

    I made sure that it works for you.
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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