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Thread: Troubleshoot Art Tech Typhoon 3D "V3"Gyro

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    Unhappy Troubleshoot Art Tech Typhoon 3D "V3"Gyro

    Here is the problem I'm having with my Art Tech Typhoon:

    I had a previously installed Art Tech V3 head lock gyro that would only initiate (LED would turn on) but it would not control the tail servo. I plugged the servo directly into Rx and it worked fine.

    So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a new V3 gyro and it is doing the same thing.

    I performed the following troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem:

    1. Tail servo directly to Rx ch.4 > servo worked
    2. Gyro and servo to ch.1,2 & 3 > gyro and servo did NOT work
    3. Adjusted gain on gyro > gyro did not work
    4. Checked connections > connections ok
    5. Tx battery voltage level > 10.3v to 10.5v
    6. Lipo battery voltage level > fully charged

    Therefore, each channel on the Tx and Rx are working, as well as the tail servo.

    So, am I missing something or is the new gyro bad too?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Troubleshoot Art Tech Typhoon 3D "V3"Gyro

    It sure seems to be another bad Gyro.
    Don't see many bad gyros though.
    I'd suggest maybe bring it in and make sure our Heli guru is there, Neal, first.
    Can't very well diagnose it from email.
    I guess it is giving the same symptom.
    What is the red light on the new gyro doing?
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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