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Thread: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

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    Post Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    I've been shopping at Hobby Lobby for years - but between my current terrible experience and my fathers experiences this past year with lousy communication - they have completely lost their focus on what's important.... As of right now - I have made 3 phones calls that have been completely ignored and they simply will not respond or do what is necessary to fix a very simple problem - unprofessional and a complete lack of any customer service or respect in my opinion. :x :x :x

    I placed an order the day before Thanksgiving which went well and the item was shipped and received in a very timely manner. BUT....I had two $20 gift certificates and I followed the instructions printed on the certificates by putting my codes in the coupon section (just as the GC states) and I also put them in the notes section too so they wouldn't be missed. They did not deduct the $40 from my order and charged me the full amount. I called on Saturday Nov 28th and they told me that I can't use GC's online - well - that's not what the GC says......I stated I needed the $40 credited to my order and back to my Credit Card. She promised that she would forward my request to accounting and they would fix it for me and credit my card. A week passes and nothing happens....and yes I'm checking my card on a daily basis. I call again on Dec 4th, explain the issues and they transfer me to Jill a x222 (I'll confirm that - my note is at work).....Jill wasn't there and I left a message with all the information, my number, and my email per her instructions on her voice mail. Nothing still was done and no communication. So I called again on December 8th and once again she does not answer her phone and I leave another message which again she has not responded to nor has credited my card nor called me back nor sent me an email. Her message doesn't say that she is gone for 2 weeks... I can't believe how bad their service is!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x

    Completely Unacceptable and absoolutely terrible communication.

    Order # 30385S091125

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    Hi Greg,
    Sorry about the communication melt down. That's not normally how we do things. I spoke with Jill and your card was credited back the $40 today. We are working on an online Gift Certificate method that will prevent mistakes like this from happening in the future.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    Thank you for acting so quickly!!! I received my refund receipt this afternoon! :D

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    I have been a customer of Hobby Lobby for years, and in the past it has been impeccable. In the last year or so, it has taken a HUGE nosedive. Many unanswered emails, and phone calls. I asked when they expected the item to be in stock,(the computer said one month ago) they told me "I donít know". I asked if they could find out and they said "NO". This was a month after they gladly took my money. When I finally had enough and started getting angry, they told me it was in stock and would ship soon.....Well that didn't happen, so I called again and they gave me a 2 month lead time (2 months late by now already). :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: After several angry messages and emails, they came up with the part... :P unfortunately (per conversation with tech support) it was not correct part :cry: :evil: They have no idea what, when, or where anything they sell is. After a while, I have even requested them to change the "recommended part" in their site (not correct) so someone else does not get the wrong parts, and it still hasn't changed :?: These people truly care....(sarcasm)... Many in my club have been drooling over the new B-25. Some have gone to the BH model now after my story. Nobody I know wants to order any time soon with these stories, and Hobby Lobby has little will to change. Oh well, there are plenty of other hobby distributors I am now visiting.

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    You did catch us in moments of trial. We had many systems problems last, but have worked most of those issues out. Yes, we made mistakes, but we're always here and willing to fix them. Please give me a call or PM me your contact information so I can take a closer look at the item you mentioned. We've been here for over 44 years and know what great customer service looks like. We failed you and I'm sorry for that. Give us a chance to make it right and I know you'll be happy.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    They are on the right track now. Yes they had issues with my order. It took getting to the right person, but they have a great fire fighter in Jason. He sent a set of retracts to fix the issues. He went beyond what I expected, so he earned my respect and saved me as a customer. I will give them another chance soon.

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    Well, I don't know yet that I would say the cs is terrible, yet, but....


    Here is a link to a 'general question' I asked 8 days ago. Been 13 looks at it, no replies. Jason, you out there? I'm sure you're super busy. But, golly, I've called many times and been told, "Oh, yeah, next week, no prob" for, oh, 5 months + now.

    Is this going to happen, or should I just give up on these spoilers?


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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    I replied to your email today about it. We're doing everything we can to get and keep Graupner items in stock, but it is never as easy as it sounds.

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    I received a B25 a month ago First i had a problem with the landing I called tech. support 3 times and my calls were never returned Finaly with some help of local pilots i was able to solve the problem Next came the breaking of props right from the start I called the no 866 512 1444 told him if my problem HE attempted to connect me with tech. My call was never returned This call was made 3 times Same results On my 3rd attempt to fly the propbroke again causing damige to the plane We discoverd that the prop shaft was bent therfore causing the props to break My thought is if my calls would of been returned i would of been told to check the prop shaft and this could of been prevented check and you will see received 3 sets of props I would like to know why we still canot get tech. support Our club palm beach rc assoc. has over 400 members and they all agree this is a problemthat needs fixing BOB Temple

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    Re: Terrible Customer Service by HL!

    Bob, our tech is behind. He's returning as many calls each day as possible. It sounds like your don't need tech advice however, but some replacement parts. Any of the sales folks can handle that. If you like, call us on Saturday and explain that you need some replacement parts. Or if you PM me your phone number I'll get in touch with you on Monday when I'm back in the office. Sorry for the problems, but we'll get you fixed back up one way or the other.


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