Hello all !
Im new in this Forum and the first i want to say is sorry for my English cause im from Germany and the posibilitys to talk or write in English are not so often !( No need ;) !
I hope that someone from Hobby-Lobby reads this Posting and can help me !
Im interested about the Super Tiger Moth Scale ( Oversize) # RCM 760 for 419,90$.
One time the Price go down to 349,90$ and later he lift up again to 420$,dont know why ?
I send 2 Times Questions at the Policies/Shipping Information with the Question:
Is it posible to sent the Tiger Moth to Germany and what is the Price for the Shipping .....but i never get an answer :roll: :x
Ive tried to read the FAQ and all this things but i dont understand the most of the infos :cry: cause there are soooo many words that i dont know .
I think my english is enough to survife...but not more !!!!!
I hope someone can help me and give me the Info i need( want) !
Thank you , Best Regards