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Thread: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

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    E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    I have done some research and have come to the conclusion that the "E-R/C" P-51 Mustang marketed by Hobby-Lobby in North America is produced and distributed by FMS. FMS also produces the exact same P-51 Mustang in Europe and Southeast Asia, with the exception that the overseas version has a pilot, flaps, retracts and an included 4S lipo battery. I also know that, Hobby-Lobby has done the same thing that Banana Hobby in California has done. Banana Hobby also has a "new in-house manufacturer" that they like call "their own", and which really does not exist in the retail world. This manufacturer is called"BlitzRCWorks" and is used to relabel the new StarMax line of r/c aircraft on their site. Yes, all of the "BlitzRCWorks" line of products on BH's website are actually StarMax products. They are re-marketing the same products by StarMax but under a different name. I am pretty sure this is what Hobby-Lobby is doing with the "E-RC" line of "new" products on this site. All of these "E-R/C" products, namely that large P-51 Mustang, is made by FMS.
    If this not so, then I ask why are the identification numbers on the vertical fins of both P-51s have the same number, that is: 472934? Is this a coincidence? Also, why do the two Mustangs have the exact same scale and decal design? Another coincidence?

    I'm not saying that what Hobby-Lobby ( and Banana Hobby) have done is bad, just don't try to fool the customer in thinking that they are being offered a "new" r/c airplane from a "new manufacturer" which, in fact, is only a prefabricated name that is used as a label to be slapped on the airplane that has already been licenced to Hobby-Lobby by FMS to be renamed as an "E-R/C" airplane.

    The copyright attorneys must be busy in China and America!

    Frank Napolitano
    Atlantic Hobby

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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    It is understood that that particular P-51 is made by FMS. It is no secret. We will also be getting the version with retracts and such. eRC is our brand. Products under eRC will be made by different manufacturers that we work with and help develop the products we want. It's no different than E-flite or many other brands.


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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    David Whitley told me, in a recent email, that the P-51 is NOT a FMS model but made by Hobby-Lobby! Jason, this is what I mean by the customer being mislead into thinking that this P-51 is developed, produced and marketed soley by Hobby-Lobby and no other company involved. Ok, E-R/C. But there is no such thing as "E-R/C" because E-R/C is just a prefabricated name made up by from Hobby-Lobby!

    Is your pay check signed by "E-R/C" or by Hobby-Lobby? Brand names, like your "E-R/C", are only reserved for the original manufacturer (FMS), and not for the distributor.

    Horizon Hobby does not rename F-Flite products with another name to boost sales. If a product is manfactured to Hobby-Lobby's specifications by FMS to be marketed soley by Hobby-Lobby in North America; just come out and say that it is a FMS model made to your specs.? Don't hide behind the made up "E-R/C" label. I think the consumer will tolerate this clarification as to who is the original manufacturer. Just putting a false "ghost" name on a FMS product will give the consumer the false impression that there is a "NEW manufacturer" out in the industry making aircraft just for H-L?

    This has become a very bad trend in the r/c hobby industry by online retailers, and I think it is a misleading trend. A retail mistake that will soon backfire. It is like saying that Lockheed makes jets for U.S. Air, according to U.S. Air specifications, and U.S. Air decides to rename the jets with their "Brand name" and market the jets as a "Super Flight jet" to foreign buyers or other U.S. airlines. "Wow...", will be said by the consumers,..... "a Super Flight Jet, Must be better than a Lockheed or Boeing jet"..
    Only FMS has the right to use a "Brand Name" on their original products that will be distributed by H-L in the North American market.( I never heard of a car dealership, acting as a distributor for GM, using their own Brand name on a GM car product.)

    Hobby-Lobby should set standards in the r/c industry and not try to follow the new "in-house ghost name" trend to boost sales.


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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    I'll speak with the sales guys to make sure they know about the manufacturer. Actually it really is no different than E-Flite. E-flite is a made up brand name as well. E-flite products are produced by different manufacturers. There is no E-flite manufacturer. They use manufacturers like FMS in china and brand the products under E-flite. It's not meant to confuse or mislead people.

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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.


    I just called my LHS , who has been a licensed distributor for all Horizon Hobby Products for nearly four years, and they told me that E-Flite, Parkzone , and Hangar 9 are all independently owned manufactures who produce their own products to be marketed only under their licensed names. There are no other manufacturer(s) who develop and produce their products in North America or overseas.


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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    Well, he's part right. The manufactures are independently owned (not owned or operated by Horizon), but they sure do produce products that are not under the E-flite brand. The point is, they work with foreign manufacturers to have products made under their brand. Same as we have done in this case. Feel free to call if you wish to discuss further.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    The plane is gone off the webpage. I pre-ordered this too! Are you not carrying it anymore?

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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    We will be filling the back orders for this product.


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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    Will it still be the fixed gear or the retract version. Any idea when to expect it in stock.

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    Re: E-R/C P-51 Mustang is A FMS P-51 Mustang.

    I'm not sure when the manufacture will get them to us right now. The version does include the retracts, but they are fixed in the down position. They could easily be setup to be functional however.

    Jason Cole

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