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Thread: What is the EDF Secret????

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    Smile What is the EDF Secret????

    I know that the 64mm fans can work, but I just don't know what the secret is.... Here's my latest experience...

    1) Received the F-15 foamie airframe

    2) Cleaned up the motor shaft and applied loktite (tried green once with no success this time I used blue). I used the larger bore collet since the other one that was included appeared to be much too small.

    3) Placed a stack of washers on the backplate and clamped the collet down until tight. Let it sit overnight.

    4) The next day I removed the washers and mounted the rotor (again using loktite).

    5) The next day I mounted the EDF into the F-15 and slowly spun it up with a 4 cell. Everything sounded fine until I reached 3/4 throttle.

    6) Proceded to remove broken blades that were stuck into the foam sides. Not sure what the sequence was, but the collet had pulled loose from the "FreeWing" motor shaft.

    The only fans I've had luck with are the E-flite EDF's. I've got two of them on order. The only thing that gripes me is that I can't get one of these "FreeWing" fans to hold together. Am I just wasting my time trying to get one to work? Would someone please let me in on the secret? (Preferably one of the experts from HobbyLobby..) :P

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    In hindsight did I miss a step?

    .5) Remove included fan from kit and throw in garbage can. Order pre-assembled/tested fan.

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    Just went to RC Universe and looked around to see who else was having similiar problems with the HobbyLobby fans.. Here's what I found in one thread:

    1.xviper: I'm waiting on a replacement fan rotor that flew off on the bench but hopefully will maiden mine on sunday if it arrives early enough. I have the thrusters linked to the elevators but havn't been able to figure out how to program for ailevator mode in a Futaba 7C 2.4.

    2. RE: Hobby-Lobby SU-34 Full Back - 8/11/2009 12:36 PM

    F106A: I got mine last week and agree there's a lot for the money.
    I'm thinking of removing the l/g to save weight as I fly from grass.
    I took it out last weekend and when I ran the motors up to full throttle, the left fan exploded, so that was the end of the test flight.

    3. xviper: The left motor vibrates pretty bed when running alone. I do not see any problems with the impeller. The biggest issue is that you have to cut apart the fuse whenever there is an issue of which i have had many. I wish everyone good luck with theirs. Mine flew great for a day or two after getting the fans squared away but i have a feeling that this will shortly become a $300.00 hanger queen.

    Looks like I'm not the only one having problems....

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    Not sure what's happening there. Most of the fans from Freewing work great. We've run a bunch of them in different planes.

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    Angry Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    What's happening is that the fans are exploding!

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    When you say "Most of the fans from Freewing work great." What percentage have shed fans and/or fan blades that you've used? My percentage is pretty bad right now..

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    I don't know the exact percentage but it is low when compared to the numbers being sold. We are constantly working with manufactures to improve quality while keeping the costs low.

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    OK,, I think I've got the cheapo foamie fans figured out... At least for the moment... Here's what worked....

    As usual the first fan's collet slipped and zipped off and around the inside of the fuse despite roughing up/cleaning up and using green and/or blue locktite.

    Second time around I basically did the same thing except I used Red locktite this time. Both times I let the locktite set up at least 24 hours. The red's been sitting around for a few days now. I also use washers to tighten down the collet while the locktite sets so I can get a tight fit.

    Just ran the fan and it actually stayed in one piece... Was I surprised.... Here's the Castle ICE data, which btw doesn't agree with HobbyLobby's specs...

    Fan spun up to 53,000 rpm (I'm assuming it's a 6 pole motor. I can't find the data on the web anywhere).

    Drew 53 amps max which was 730 watts. Hobby Lobby says it's a 500 watt motor?????? Can't really explain this. I'll attach the castle log jpg for your viewing pleasure...

    Jason.... Why's my 500 watt motor drawing 730 watts???? Guess I could attach an external power meter, but since it ain't broke for once I'm going to install it and go flying...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 64mm initial Castle data.JPG  

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    Re: What is the EDF Secret????

    Not sure. Was that a static test? If so, the amp draw will be considerable less when unloaded in the air and your wattage will decrease accordingly.

    Jason Cole

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