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Thread: 12' foot Telemaster KIT Strut Failure "Total Loss"

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    12' foot Telemaster KIT Strut Failure "Total Loss"

    12' Telemaster Kit Strut failure "Total Loss"


    Strut="To brace with a supporting bar". Webster's Dictionary verbage. This past Sunday the 22nd I had a catastrophic failure after releasing a Glider at altitude. My 12 foot Telemaster was on its way home and the Wing Strut gave way two inches up from the fuse bolt. The brace attachment bolts and nuts attached into the Hard wood stringer held, but the Hard Wood stringers seperated along and above the bolts. Without this support strut the wing came off in flight.

    I just wanted to tell everyone to use a metal strut all the way from bolt to bolt with the balsa covering for the airfoil look. Don't use the manufacture build up strut per the plan.
    View the Build video and flight video's on my You-Tube account. YumaMike@You-Tube

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    Re: 12' foot Telemaster KIT Strut Failure "Total Loss"

    These are the Images from the Failed Strut and the 12 foot Telemaster towing a glider.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC08006.JPG   DSC08007.JPG   DSC08008.JPG  

    Last Flight.JPG  

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