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Thread: Pilot-1 4th Scale Waco

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    Pilot-1 4th Scale Waco

    The big Waco flying at NEAT Fair 2009.
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    Re: Pilot-1 4th Scale Waco

    I finished my 1/4 Scale Waco last week and put in two successful flights on Saturday. It's a fantastic plane. Here's a link to video of the maiden flight.

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    Re: Pilot-1 4th Scale Waco

    OH MY GOSH!!! That was beautiful! Where is that flying field? Great job. We'll get that video linked up on our webpage for the Waco and probably use it in an Insider Email too. Awesome job!

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Pilot-1 4th Scale Waco

    Thanks Jason. I was surprised to get the insider today and see my video in it. Our flying field is a sod farm to the west of Orem, UT. One of the advantages of flying electric. The big Waco is awesome. I hope to fly it again tomorrow, but the weather is looking pretty lousy so far.

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