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Thread: "Thank you" Hobby Lobby Gaui 550

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    "Thank you" Hobby Lobby Gaui 550

    I was in there today and noticed you now carry the Gaui line of helicopters. I have been flying the 550 for over a year and love this heli. I have two of them. There is a big worldwide following for this heli and I have posted on the 4 heli sites I frequent , Helifreak, runryder, rcgroups, and helista...letting everyone know you carry the Gaui and parts support.

    "Thanks" for getting this great line.

    Mike D

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    Re: "Thank you" Hobby Lobby Gaui 550

    Great, Thanks Mike! We'll have all the parts up and easy to find in a day or two. Lots of parts to put up on the website. I've been having a blast with my 550 too.

    Jason Cole

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