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Thread: 2nd Annual Tri-City Flyers Blue Santa Fun Fly

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    2nd Annual Tri-City Flyers Blue Santa Fun Fly

    I want to let as many people as possible know how much I appreciate Jason Cole and Hobby-Lobby International for their support for the Tri-City Flyers Blue Santa Kick-Off Fun Fly Event. They were my kick-start for sponsors and really pulled through. We've got one heck of a team at Hobby-Lobby and even though I just take the pictures and don't fly, I hope that everyone will help get the word out and return the support. Pilot families are of a different breed, and I Love 'em all! I'm going to attempt to attach the letter about our Blue Santa Event with a few pictures. Thanks again Jason! You Rock! ( If by some weird fate this all comes through, you can check out the latest events on my WEB @ I'm in the process of updating the RAFB/TCF event and Blue Santa will be next.

    Hello Jason:
    Well, the Blue Santa Fun Fly went off without a hitch! Thank goodness. We had some heavy fog early in the day, but we still had 44 registered pilots trek across Texas to participate, and once the fog lifted, everyone had a good time flying and telling stories on each other.

    The pilot raffle was our biggest money draw, and it was in large part to the Wedell-Williams 44 donation. I got to hear some very interesting stories about this plane and I heard lots of pilots saying things like, 'Finally, something different.' My heartfelt thank yous to Hobby-Lobby and yourself for supporting the Blue Santa Fun-Fly Kick-Off Event.

    I've included a few pictures of the event including the winner, Terry Foote, of the Wedell-Williams 44. I think he was pretty excited about winning. ;-) Also, there is a picture of Seguin Police Chief Kelso and his family with Blue Santa (Randy) and DARE Officer Hope Vasquez. And finally, our Blue Santa motorcycle escort Officer Willie Ybarra buddy boxing with Bryan Kirby and our Flight Line boss, Greg Ermatinger spotting.

    I don't have the final tally on the money raised, but I am guesstimating around $1,200 after all bills have been paid, and Tri-City Flyers didn't have to put out one cent, so I think we did Great! And if next years all pulls together, it should be explosive!

    Thank You again Jason, and please tell everyone at Hobby-Lobby International I send my sincerest thanks.

    Lori Ann Kirby
    Events Coordinator
    Tri-City Flyers
    Blue Santa Fun Fly
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