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Thread: Match Rcvr with Xmitter ?

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    Match Rcvr with Xmitter ?

    Hi. I am REALLY new to R/C. I have one plane which came with a full (3 channel) radio system and flight electronics. Now I have bought a new RTF which also has a full 3 channel system which is totally different from the other one.
    The first is a channel 46 set up at 72.? MHz, the second is a channel 6, 24.? MHz setup.
    My question: If i decide to buy anew plane or design and build one, how/what do I have to know to matchup one of my present transmitters with a whole new setup ??. I realize I have to match the xmtr freq with a recvr crystal but it seems I have seen compatibility notes on some rcvr ads Like "will not work with...etc" . ( I also know I have to get servos which work with a specific recvr ).
    One xmitr is HiTec Focus SS FM and the other is Parkzone ZX10.

    Is there some source of wisdom on the 'net where I can get educated?
    Help!!! and thanks in advance. WW

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    Re: Match Rcvr with Xmitter ?

    Of the two radios to be able to get additional equipment the HiTec is the only one.
    The Parkzone probably has a proprietary receiver with it and getting others is an unknown.
    For the Hitec radio the easiest thing to do it just buy another HiTec receiver and get a crystal with it on the same channel or frequency.
    The HiTec Neutron receiver is a perfect match for this transmitter.
    One thing is since that transmitter does not have multi model memory each time you switch from model to model you will have to change the setup of the transmitter to match the servo setup of each model.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Match Rcvr with Xmitter ?

    Jay is absolutely correct. I'll add that you won't want to keep changing your transmitter to new settings each time you fly a different airplane.

    When I returned to RC flying, I was surprised to find most transmitters have model memories for 4, 6, 20, 25 .....hundreds of different planes :shock: Wow! Multiple memory transmitters allow you to have multiple airplanes without all the messing around.

    P.S. - You WILL want more plane memories later than you think you need now. Trust me on this. You can thank me later :D


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