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Thread: Show us your building Rooms

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    Show us your building Rooms

    Use this forum to showcase your hobby shops/building areas. I know you guys have some fancy setups, even if it is on your dining room tables :lol:

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Show us your building Rooms

    Here's some photos of my very messy at the moment hobby room and building table. I usually keep it much cleaner than this, but I've been busy and haven't found the time to get back up to snuff.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby
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    Re: Show us your building Rooms

    My entire house is a shop. I know where everything is too! :shock:
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    Re: Show us your building Rooms

    Here is my shop. And you see that I am really building something.
    From Balsa of all things!
    That would be 3 Old Timer Lanzo Airborns on the bench and you can see some on the wall
    plus my Sport models.

    Jay Burkart
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    Re: Show us your building Rooms

    These photos sent in by George Rick. Love the workshop. Feel free to post photos of your hanger.
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    my shop


    This is my first post on this site so let me say Hello again. I have been building for several years and love it. Even more than flying. I am having trouble locating anymore pics so this one will have to do. as you can see my shop isn't as neat as many others.
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    These are all great rooms!! I would take a picture of mine, but its only a picture of my desktop in front of me computer :)

    Keep up all the good work!!

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