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Thread: Show us your project

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    Show us your project

    Use this forum to showcase your scratch built projects. Lets see those building skills!

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Show us your project

    I like to work with blucor once in a while and I came across plans for an F22 raptor.... I like the fact that all the electronics are hidden "inside" and out of site. It has good slow and fast handling and for about 50cents worth of foam....the "fun factor" is really high. I liked it so much I made one 22 in and one 18 in....they both fly great. My next experiment is to put rudders on the 22 in.... I like slow high alpha flights in the wind and rudders really help.

    Since I lfy helis left thumb is "always" moving.....might as well attach a rudder to it !

    I usually alternate sorties between my F22's and my HL FA18. In fact our local channel 4 news did a small segment on our flying field and they have me flying the FA 18 and the Gaui 550 Hurricane heli. It was a little windy hence the bouncing heli. There was also a lot of room between the anouncer and the heli....

    follow the attached link or cut and paste.

    Mike D
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