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Thread: EDF Foamie Reliability????

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    EDF Foamie Reliability????

    I've flown 5 differenet foamies in the last year. One was from Hobby Lobby and the other 3 were from NitroPlanes and a BAE Hawk (non-foamie) from Eflite. The Hobby lobby 70mm impeller threw it's blades the very first time I "slowly" advanced the throttle to 1/4th. I was wondering why Hobby Lobby included the extra impeller in the box.. 2 of the NitroPlanes threw all of the blades from their impellers. In the case of the NitroPlanes Mirage it actually slung the blades thru both sides of the foam fuselage. I still managed to land what was left of the one piece. The other NitroPlane flew like a "dog"! Nothing even close to what I saw in the stock video footage from NitroPlanes. It never threw an impeller, but did manage to burn out the ESC after 2 flights. Oh,, I also forgot a couple of servo failures and the jokes that Nitro sends out that pretend to be working transmitters and receivers. The Nitro guy in the stock video says he doesn't use the included transmitter because of a "frequency" confict.. h'mmmmm..

    The BAE Hawk (built up non-foamie) looks great and flys great with recommended Eflite setup.

    Here's the reason for my post: I'm not trying to bash foamies, just reporting my experiences. I am however considering buying the SU-34 and have done some Internet snooping and have found a lot of stories that sounded like my experiences.. ie. "the included SU-34 lipo puffed on the second flight",, etc... Some people seemed to have good experiences with it. I'm about 90% sure that I'm going to buy the airframe version and throw away the fans and use my own motors, esc's, etc...

    All the foamies I've seen look like they come from the same Chinese factory. Should I stick with my airframe plan or buy the plug and play and keep my fingers crossed?


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    Re: EDF Foamie Reliability????

    Hey Fred,

    I've flown alot of stuff in the stock configuration with great results after I have done the necessary reinforcements and engineering mods to nearly every foamie I've ever bought. I believe in test flying one of them first, before I sink alot of money into something that I may or may not be happy with. That is why I usually order two. I've flown the cheap radios also when they come with one. This whole business of modifying these jets is a matter of the greatest complexity that can only be approached from the standpoint of desire if it is to make any sense at all, and even then, only if you possess the required skills. You must abandon common sense for a moment here and ask yourself these simple questions honestly, and you will get your answers:

    What am I trying to get out of this jet?
    Will I ever be happy with the jet unless I change these things?
    What will it cost me to get the jet to the desired state?
    Have I got the money?
    If I do this, will I still have enough money for food?

    The following is a brief description of one of my Alfa A-4 Skyhawk projects that may serve as a useful illustration of the point I am trying to make here.

    Alfa A-4 EDF/ 33amp esc/ 4s 2200/ Jet Screamer/ 5blade alfa/ RA-260 air retracts/ leading edge flaps/ speed brakes/ rudder/flaps/wing vortex generators/wing leading edge fences/ refueling probe/operational tail hook/scale lighting system/scale cockpit w/pilot/AR6200 DSM2 receiver/centerline drop tank/full wing pylons and stores/~$675.00 actual spent thus far, ~80% complete,~2 years building....................never flown, worth every penny sitting there on the blocks.

    For those who do not understand this; it can not be explained.

    "Foamies Rule"

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    Re: EDF Foamie Reliability????

    Just got into EDF jets with one of HL FA18's. With todays brushless motors and high output lipos...these things "Rock".

    I know some units are better than others but this is another whole "fun side" to this hobby....

    It just keeps getting better.....and with some of the new models and fantastic paint schemes....It's very hard to want to build anymore....

    I do also build out of blucor.....that's also fun to fly with about 50 cents worth of foam....the below are two f22's...22 and 18 inch pusher version....I may slap an EDF unit on and see how it flys
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