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Thread: Looking for a kit

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    Looking for a kit

    Hello, folks.

    I am am new here and would like to say hello first off to all that may view. I found this site just by general looking around. I did not see this topic at first hand and it may be already around here in a place I did not see right off the bat. Please excuse ignorance if this is the case. My question (After I searched the net that lead me here in my quest) My question to you good folks is ......"Does anyone have a Liberty Sport RC Biplane kit still in box for sale? " I am also looking for .......JN4's and De Havilland's. Please all balsa none of those ARF's or RTF's . I am currently building a an old kit and don't think that I'll get a 4 stroke 90 in it without doing away with the nose section. It is a "Cloud Dancer" original. I
    have said enough. Take care all....................... :)

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    Re: Looking for a kit

    Outside of no responses I am back on my game. I love old kits. Do not care for ARF's or RTF's etc, etc,. Outside of the Librerty Sport, I'm thinking Aeromaster, and I do need a version of the JN4. (Stick kits only). Take care all......

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    Re: Looking for a kit

    Geesh looks like this place is hoppin. I can't believe that no on else looking for a kit or is there another forum for this type of communication....... 8-)

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