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Thread: Blade mSR Not Functioning Well

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    Blade mSR Not Functioning Well

    Just purchased my E-flite Blade mSR heli; love the look and was excited to fly it but I immediately ran in to problems. Before throwing full throttle at any heli, I work through trimming and really struggled with this one. I have full forward trim and full left yaw trim set and still have to hold a lot of forward/left to get it to hover. I can get it to fly but have to hold so much forward/left stick, I really can do much with it.

    I hate to go start making adjustments on this micro without some input first. Suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!

    Bob Mixon

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    Re: Blade mSR Not Functioning Well

    It sounds like you need to recenter the trims and then adjust the ball links mechanically to get the proper trim settings. Make sure you are getting at least 3ft off the ground though so you can get out of ground effect. It's crazy hard to trim a heli below 3ft.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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