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Thread: Skymasters Club Meeting and Symposium

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    Skymasters Club Meeting and Symposium

    The Skymaster R/C Club in Detroit, MI hosted myself and Hobby Lobby at their monthly club meeting on October 14th. These are the best club meetings I've ever seen. There is very little talk about club business and the highlight of the meetings are vendor symposiums.

    I arrived at 2PM and we had a full day from there. I visited Down River Hobbies and Flight Line Hobbies and got to share some of our new and upcoming products with them. I love visiting different hobby shops across the country.

    At 5PM we went over to the Ultimate Indoor Soccer Arenas where the meeting was to be held. That place is AWESOME! They have 3 gigantic fields, and by gigantic I mean I could have flown our SU-34 jet in there with no problem. This club gets to fly there every Tuesday during the winter and they had around 200 pilots participate last year. I'm so jealous.

    The meeting started at 7PM and the room was packed out. There were 100 chairs and 127 people showed up representing 15 clubs from the area. I had about 45 minutes to give a presentation and I talked about the new leadership changes here, the renovations to our building and systems, and then talked about some of our hot products like the SU-34 and the F-35.

    I then introduced a new brand that we are launching soon and whipped out a couple of the planes to many oohhs and aawws. After some discussion and a Q&A session, we went over to one of the open fields and I got to fly them for the crowd. I got some great feedback about the planes. People loved the way they looked and flew.

    This was a great opportunity to get out in front of other hobbyists and have a fun discussion about this wonderful hobby we all seem to be obsessed with.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby
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