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Thread: P 47 rumor

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    P 47 rumor

    I have heard talk that Hobby Lobby will be introducing a new P 47 very soon. Along the lines of the old E-flite plane. Can anyone confirm this , has anyone any knowledge of this? I know many would welcome It.

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    I can neither confirm nor deny the existing of P-47 Airplane coming soon from Hobby Lobby. ;)

    Jason Cole

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    Well Jason I must say, thats better than a flat out no, which I find interesting if you know what I mean. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I have been itching to buy one and since the e-flite P47 is no longer around I was leaning towards the alpha line . But maybe I will hold off a while longer

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    No worries. If we did have one coming and I'm not saying we do, it would probably come with retracts and have a sweet looking 4 blade prop. ;)

    Jason Cole

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    Man Now your killing me Jason, If there was such a bird ! and I'm not saying that your saying there is one, But that would be one hot item. Something that dreams are made of. So many people are wishing they had gotten and or could get the e-flite. But you know how it is , you don't miss something untill its gone. Well I will stay tuned and keep checking for more bread crumbs of info. Bill

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    Very very nice Jason, is it instock now ?

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    Yep, We're just working through battery issue trying to get the paperwork so we can legally ship them.


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    Re: P 47 rumor

    just got my p-47 and the plane is pretty beat up - i love it but all the paint is coming off the cowl. if you squeeze the cowl very lightly all the paint where you squeeze it cracks and flakes off. i want to have this one but this one is beat up bad.

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    Re: P 47 rumor

    Give our sales staff a call so they can fix you up. (866) 512-1444


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