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Thread: F-16 Grey Camo Ducted Fan ARF

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    F-16 Grey Camo Ducted Fan ARF

    28-1/3" wingspan, 43-1/2" long, 160-3/4 sq. in. wing area, 35 oz. flying weight. This is a super scale rendition of the USAF F-16 and includes all the quality parts for flying success. The ducted fan unit has a diameter of 80mm and the impeller has 8 dynamically balanced blades. The included Outrunner brushless motor has a Kv of 2600 and is a perfect compliment to the fan. To complete the power unit a 45 amp speed control is provided.

    The first thing that you will notice when you open the box is the high level of detail. There are many injection molded plastic parts like the inlet scoop, scale landing gear legs, gear doors and wheels. The fins on the rockets and missiles are hard plastic, much more durable and better looking than the molded foam on many jets. The detail that you would expect from a display model, but this one flies, and flies beautifully.
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    F-16 80mm BALANCED Fan+Motor+ESC Scale JET

    Flies as good as it looks.

    It lands like the real F-16, nose up and main gears touch first.
    TRY holding 1/4 up elevator, the plane always lands in this style when a 1/3 throttle burst is applied at knee's height just before touching the runway !!

    Looking forward to other eye-catching color schemes on this F-16.

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