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Thread: F4D-1 Skyray ARF

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    F4D-1 Skyray ARF

    25-1/2" wingspan, 35-3/4" long, 309 sq. in. wing area, 21 oz. flying weight. All molded EPS foam construction, pre-painted and decorated with waterslide decals. Assembly is quick and consists of gluing the main wing panels and vertical tail to the fuselage, gluing on the nose cone and installing the landing gear. In less time than it takes to charge the 3-cell 1300 mAh lithium polymer battery with the included lipo balance charger, you can have the jet ready to fly.

    Requires a 4-channel radio system with Delta mixing ability. We recommend a radio with end point adjustments and exponential. Jet has nose wheel steering, its wide stance on its landing gear provides good ground handling and control for smooth takeoffs and landings. The main gear are a snap-in installation and are easily removed, the nose gear can be removed by loosening an Allen screw. Jet can be flown with or without the gear. The 64mm ducted fan is pre-installed with an outrunner brushless motor and 30 amp electronic speed control producing smooth power for jet-like performance.

    The servos, control horns and control surface hinges are all pre-assembled. The canopy is held in place by magnets giving quick and easy access to the battery compartment. The F4D-1 has great flight manners and with its large wing area and delta configuration it slows down to a walk when the nose is raised. With the nose down and the throttle up, the F4D-1 really gets moving; its broad speed range makes it a joy to fly. Not a difficult model to fly, this intermediate level ducted fan is good for the modeler with some aileron experience.
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