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Thread: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

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    Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    F-15 Desert Camo version: 29-1/8" wingspan, 43-5/16" long, 25 oz. flying weight. Most F-15's are a low-visibility overall gray, the exception to this rule are the F-15's of the 65th Aggressor Squadron. Their F-15's are painted in the colors of the Soviet Union's Su-27 Flanker and other opposing forces aircraft and are flown as part of the "Red Flag" air combat training program. These colorful F-15's play the role of opposing fighter aircraft and provide vital training for US pilots. We chose these color schemes for the model F-15 to provide the model pilot a higher level of visibility.

    All molded foam construction, pre-painted and ready for final assembly and decal placement. Complete photo-illustrated instructions are included with recommended control throws and CG location. Assembly will take you only about an hour and then another hour for decals; even the 5-minute epoxy is included.

    The F-15 comes with a powerful pre-installed Outrunner brushless motor (3500Kv), a 4-cell 2200 mAh 20C Lipo battery pack and a 45A speed control with BEC. This combination in the 64mm fan unit gives the F-15 some serious performance. Take-offs are quick and the climb is just about vertical.

    Jet comes with fixed landing gear and is capable of flight from a runway or even a short grass field. Landing gear is easily removable and the airplane can be hand launched. This model has a very broad speed range with totally predictable flight performance. The jet is docile at low speed and quick and responsive at high speed. A 4-channel radio system (minimum) is required as well as a dedicated Lithium battery charger like our SRC506 Lipo Balance charger. The F-15 is also available in a Blue Camo version.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    hello Jason or anyone else on the team

    i just purchased f15 kit. i would like to use the fan unit it came with. does hobby-lobby sell the motor that will work w/ this fan ? or can you recommend a compatible motor ? thanks.

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    I bought one of these at the same time as the SU-34 (3 flights on the 34 last weekend all went well) Neither of them are with stock setups and the 34 manual was nice enough to give the cg location for those who choose a different path.
    I may be blind (hey I'm gettin' older) ;) But, I've looked through the manual on the 15 at least 3 times now and can't seem to find it. Anybody know what the setting from wing leading edge at root is supposed to be?
    I neasured a 12" root abd would guess at 4" but wouldn't mind hearing what is recommended.

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    Mine is set at about a 1/4" in front of the removable fan hatch.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    All thumbs up, way to go Hobby Lobby :P

    Just got my F15, perfect condition, sweet looking bird. unbelievable $59.99 worth it.


    Happy Customer....keep up the QA

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    Thanks for the confirmation on cg. Comes up to about 3-3/4" from wing le and where I'd marked mine for at least the maiden. Still haven't flown it with crappy weather here.

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    need some help... anyone:

    ordered the motor suggested (see above post). on the description it mentions that a set of 4 screws will be needed which are not included.

    looking over my F15 kit last night i notice the fan unit came with 4 screws, are these the ones the description is talking about ? i'm thinking it is but just wanna make sure before i go out and by some.

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    Yep, those should be the screws you'll need to mount the motor to the fan housing. Have fun!

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Advanced F-15 Desert Camo ARF

    Gracias !

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