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Thread: A-10 Warthog ARF

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    A-10 Warthog ARF

    A-10 Warthog ARF

    40" wingspan, 36" long, 258 sq. in. wing area, 36 oz. flying weight. Includes two 75mm ducted fans with two outrunner brushless motors and two 18-amp controllers. Power is supplied by a 3-cell 2200 mAh Lipo battery that is easily accessed under the removable canopy. Construction is all pre-painted and decorated injection-molded foam. The wing is removable and reinforced with a carbon rod.

    The two fan units are fairly large (75mm diameter) and produce strong thrust at a moderate speed and low amp draw. The wide stance of the tricycle landing gear gives the A-10 great ground handling for taxiing and take-off and superior control in landing. Assembly is quick; the wing halves need to be glued together, motor nacelles glued to the fuselage (fans and motors are pre-installed). Motors must be plugged into the speed controls and the direction of rotation checked, there is no soldering required.

    All servos are pre-installed and all control surfaces are pre-hinged. Charge the 3-cell lithium battery with the included balance charger. Charge is done through the balance plug on the battery and each individual cell is charged independently to reach 4.2V.

    Flying the A-10 is where the fun really starts. The steering is precise and not overly sensitive giving you great control on the take-off. Once in the air the climb is strong and the control is smooth and quick. Big loops, fast or slow rolls, inverted flight are all easily done. Flight times are from 6-8 minutes. Landings are best accomplished with a small amount of throttle for a smooth approach.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    How can one 2200mah 3s keep the thing in the air for 6 to 8 minutes, given 2 75mm fans? I'm far from an expert, but my 3 EDF's (Top Flite f-16, 65mm 480, 50amp esc, 2800may 3s, BP freewing f15, 64mm furyfan, 55amp esc, 1800mah 4s, and Nitro Planes f16, stock 64mm, 25amp esc, 1300may 3s) all drain thier batts pretty quickly. Is this more of a trainer type plane? I notice the esc's seem small also.


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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    It all depends on the Kv of the motors. This A-10 is a park flyer type jet. It has good thrust, but flys at a moderate 60mph or so. It's designed for park fields and to an easy to fly plane. It's slow and low, just like the real thing.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    Can you tell me what kv motors the stock ones are?

    I bought the A10, without servos and motors.


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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    Those motors are 4300Kv.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: A-10 Warthog Airframe Version

    Hobby Lobby Tech Service called me this morning (5/21/10) with this info:

    > Manufacturer: ERC
    > Motor number: ERCD281535
    > Output Shaft Size: 3mm
    >Price: $19.95 ea.

    The numbers mean: It's a 28mm Outrunner with 15 mm long magnets rated at 3500 KVA.
    (The stock motors are supposed to be 2500 KVA versions of the same thing)

    The spec sheet for the motor shows it to be rated at 30 amps, so you would have to buy bigger
    ESC's and figure out how to cram them into the space provided.

    They are supposed to be on the water at this time (No Current Stock)
    They are guestimating a week.

    You can see a similar model on their website. The motor seems to have an extended shaft
    and narrows down to fit into the fan mounts.

    From the website:

    Quality high-speed outrunners for 50 to 70mm ducted fans
    eRC Brushless Motors28mm dia. with 15mm long magnets, 71 grams, 3mm diameter shaft.
    3.5mm gold plated connectors and 2.5mm mounting screws. Economically priced HIGH
    power brushless outrunner ducted fan motors. Front section of motor is 20mm diameter
    for use in the widest variety of fans while leaving the outrunner section exposed in the
    air stream for better cooling. The motor connections are pre-installed and mounting screws
    are included. All motors are produced in a state-of-the-art factory with strict quality control
    assuring you a long motor life and excellent performance. Each motor comes with a 1-year
    warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Kv (RPM/V) Fan Size Battery Range Controller Shaft Motor Weight
    3500 50-70mm 3-4 LiPo 30A 3mm 71g

    Try this if still interested:

    Frank Mattox

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    Have had my A 10 for 6 months and it is really a good flyer. Originally the 3cell 2100 batteries worked very well. Then started noticing that after only 30-60 sec one side would cut out but my newest batteries would work ok. Batteries were fairly new 25c's. Last time I few it after only 30 sec both engines slowed way down. Put a 4cell in it and motors ran up but flight seemed a lot shorter than expected for a 4 cell and the battery was extremely hot after the flight. Obviously the motors are pulling a lot of amps but why now and not before?? Motors wearing out? How do I replace them?? Thanks

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    Have you tried those 3S batteries in another plane? Bad batteries would explain it. 4S is not recommended. It will pull way more amps on 4S and you risk damaging the motors, esc, and the batteries due to the 3S cutoff voltage. If you have a different 3S battery, try it and see if you get the same results. The motors can hardly wear out, but maybe they got hot when using the 4S pack and the glue on the magnets came loose. The motors can easily be changed. You have to unscrew and remove the rotors to get the the motor mounting screws.

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    I just bought one any tips on building

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    Re: A-10 Warthog ARF

    Where can you get the Alum. Adopters for the ducted fan?
    Are they included in the DF/Nacelle Kit HCH50008


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