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Thread: Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

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    Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

    Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

    This is a BIG all molded foam jet with great detail and great performance. Two 64mm fans with two 3500 Kv Outrunner brushless motors and two 45 Amp brushless speed controllers power the big jet. Take offs from a smooth runway or short grass field are quick and the initial thrust will blast the jet nearly straight up.

    The pilots in attendance at the 2009 Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) voted the Su-34 the "Best New Product" after watching the incredible flight performance of this cutting edge aircraft. Maneuvers that simply cannot be done with other jets are routine with the vectored thrust nozzles of the Su-34. The famous "Cobra Maneuver" can be flown as well as flips and tumbles that will amaze your flying buddies.

    Each nozzle is individually controlled and is mixed with both elevator and aileron controls. A 7-channel computer radio (minimum) is a must. We show the step-by-step setup screens of how to program a Spektrum DX-7 with the mixing required. The jet is easy to fly and very solid in the air, however due to the setup, the model is best suited for the experienced to advanced RC pilot.

    The Su-34 comes with a set of retractable landing gear with twin wheel trucks for the mains and steerable twin wheel nose gear. Each gear has its own adjustable servo for gear retraction. There are a total of 10 servos pre-installed in the jet: 2-elevator, 2-aileron, 2-vectored thrust, 3-gear retract, 1-steering. Additional items required: a 7 channel transmitter and receiver, and a battery charger for the included 4-cell lipo battery.

    Assembly only takes about 1-2 hours; epoxy glue is included for gluing wing and tail parts to the fuselage. Landing gear is pre-installed as are all other servos and control surfaces. The included 4-cell 3000 mAh lipo battery pack provides about a 4-minute flight - but what an exciting 4 minutes! The Su-34 is also available in a Green Camo version.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

    Just received this plane (overnight delivery) on Wednesday evening. I started my build yesterday morning and had it ready for the maiden flight about 4-6 hours later. The kit went together quite nicely, however there were a few details in the instruction manual that were either missing or incorrect, I managed to get through it without too much difficulty.

    A couple things that I did notice after hooking up the receiver and powering up for the first time.. The ESC's seem to cycle a minute or two before they are registering properly. The other thing is that the landing gear which looks pretty delicate, needs a servo slow installed. Without this, the landing gear is slammed into the retract and down positions.

    Maiden flight was done with gear in the down position today, and I did not use the thrust vectoring. The plane flew very nice, and needed only a couple clicks of up to keep it level. I flew conservatively for about 2 1/2 minutes before starting to practice my approaches. Two passes and my timer went off so I forced the third landing. I'm flying in a relatively large park, but there are a lot of obstacles so making a long final approach is not possible. Instead, I am forced to bring the plane down below the lightposts and fly a tight circle pattern to the ground. This is fine as the SU-34 flies well at slower speeds. I cut my power at the back end of the field and had a perfect glide slope. The approach was near perfect, problem was, (as per the recommendation of HL professionals) I did not keep power on and I flared the bird about 2-3 feet off the deck, it responded and wanted to take off again but I didn't have enough airspeed and belly flopped it in. I snapped off the nosegear, and the toothpick antenna got driven into the ground, but that was the extent of the damage. Now I'm waiting on replacement gear for my next flight.

    I would highly recommend this plane to anyone who has a decent amount of modeling experience, and a field large enough to accommodate a larger aircraft.

    [attachment=3:3kgouf1y]SU-34 031.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=4:3kgouf1y]SU-34 023.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=5:3kgouf1y]SU-34 020.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=0:3kgouf1y]SU-34 027.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=1:3kgouf1y]SU-34 025.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=2:3kgouf1y]SU-34 008.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=3:3kgouf1y]SU-34 031.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=4:3kgouf1y]SU-34 023.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y][attachment=5:3kgouf1y]SU-34 020.jpg[/attachment:3kgouf1y]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SU-34 020.jpg   SU-34 023.jpg   SU-34 031.jpg  

    SU-34 008.jpg   SU-34 025.jpg   SU-34 027.jpg  

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    Re: Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

    I recently bought this Jet, and assembly was pretty easy, and setting my remote with the servos to work with vectors... no problem.
    When I first turned my radio on, I let my throtle stick up for a long time, and that caused one of the ESC's to lose its program. Now only one engine works and I have not been able to get the other one to work.
    I have done what the video says about turning the remote on and the connecting the batt, etc... I have reversed the throtle channel on my futaba radio and still, only one engine works.

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    Re: Su-34 Fullback Twin Vectored Thrust Jet, Blue Camo

    Try swapping the throttle from one ESC to the other and see if the problem moves from one ESC to the other.

    I have not ever seen any time where the throttle adjustment as in the SU-34 video has not corrected the problem
    Sometimes for some reason and takes several tries.

    If that does not work try doing the same procedure to one ESC at a time and see if consistently the
    one ESC with the problem doesn't correct itself and start working.
    Also try swapping the motors from one ESC to the other.
    Otherwise somehow you may have a defective ESC.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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