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Thread: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

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    P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    P-51D Mustang ARF

    Our P-51D is a tribute to the airplane made famous by Capt. Dominic S. Gentile of the 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force. He scored 27.16 victories in his P-51B during WWII. Our airplane is a P-51D model with true-to-scale outline and authentic markings. With a nearly 5-foot wingspan the airplane is easy to see while giving it impressive presence in the air.

    Powered by an Outrunner motor (540 Kv) and a 45 amp speed control with BEC, the airplane has the power to climb straight up pulled by the scale 4-bladed prop. Easy to assemble and transport, the wings are removable. The scale looking gear are fixed but can be removed for hand launch if required; the tailwheel is steerable and has its own servo.

    Airplane comes completely painted in an authentic color scheme with sharp graphics and invasion stripes, and all servos pre-installed. Access to the radio and flight batteries (not included) is under the magnetic latched canopy. The perfect battery for long flight times and the correct weight is a 4-cell 3000 mAh pack. Add your 4-channel radio and 4-cell flight pack and you are ready to take to the skies with the true-to-scale yet easy to fly P-51D.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

    Use this thread to discuss any and all things related to P-51D Mustang ARF

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    Re: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    I was just wondering if this plane includes retractable landing gear. The front page of the site shows a graphic with this plane and in the corner it says "includes retracts" but I can't find it mentioned anywhere else.


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    Re: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    Yes, it does include the retracts.

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    Re: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    Greetings,I have one of these and was wondering if you'll ever have parts for them. Can't seem to contact you on the support e-mail.

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    Re: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    Sorry, we no longer carry that P-51 or any parts for it.


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    Re: P-51D Mustang ARF - HUGE

    Quote Originally Posted by zip80
    Greetings,I have one of these and was wondering if you'll ever have parts for them. Can't seem to contact you on the support e-mail.
    Guess your are out of luck pal. Next time be SMART and do business with Horizon Hobby, they always have parts for all of their out of production airplanes and they have LIFE TIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT !!!. Hobby-Lobby took our money and ran to the bank on this one ! With no spare parts, the customer has no support and is left out in the cold ! TYPICAL. The Tennessee sales man Con Job at work? I hope not. No one can be as bad as the Good Old Boys down at Frost Cutlery !
    Just to let you know, and a big FYI, you can get parts for all of the FMS warbirds on A guy called Noel will help you! Please, forget about the H-L email "support staff" although somewhat knowledgeable to what may be in stock, they are only informed by the "management upstairs" and have a limited vocabulary on r/c equipment! Just my experience many many times over.

    Also for parts, look to the overseas vendors by doing GOOGLE searches . Google is your friend in this hobby.

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