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Thread: Pilot-1 PA-12 1/6 Scale ARF

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    Pilot-1 PA-12 1/6 Scale ARF

    Pilot-1 PA-12 1/6 Scale ARF

    71" wingspan, 45" long, 711 sq. in. wing area, 80 oz. flying weight. All laser cut balsa and plywood construction, pre-built and pre-decorated; can be assembled and ready-to-fly in a couple of evenings. Covered in genuine Oracover for great looks now and in the future. Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions will guide even the relative novice through the build process to a successful conclusion.

    Designed as an electric model, the 1/6th scale PA-12 is suitable for conversion to a glow engine. A .32 2-cycle or a .40 4-cycle are appropriate sizes. While not suitable for the complete novice, this PA-12 is an easy to fly airplane. It does not exhibit any bad tendencies and is totally predictable in flight performance. Flight times of 15 minutes plus are the norm. While not an aerobatic airplane, the PA-12 is capable of loops and rolls and inverted flight (not something you would try in a full scale one).

    Includes pre-bent and assembled landing gear, fiberglass cowl, steerable tail wheel, windshield and side glass, wing struts and jury struts with scale fairings, wheels and hardware pack. For 4-channels: Ailerons (2 channels), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle. A radio with end point, exponential, and rudder mixing is recommended.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: Pilot-1 PA-12 1/6 Scale ARF

    New permanent pricing change.... Now just $199.99 ... 2_prd1.htm

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