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Thread: BIG Foam P-51

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    BIG Foam P-51

    Our P-51D is a tribute to the airplane made famous by Capt. Dominic S. Gentile of the 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force. He scored 27.16 victories in his P-51B during WWII. Our airplane is a P-51D model with true-to-scale outline and authentic markings. With a nearly 5-foot wingspan the airplane is easy to see while giving it impressive presence in the air.

    Powered by an Outrunner motor (540 Kv) and a 45 amp speed control with BEC, the airplane has the power to climb straight up pulled by the scale 4-bladed prop. Easy to assemble and transport, the wings are removable. The scale looking gear are fixed but can be removed for hand launch if required; the tailwheel is steerable and has its own servo.

    Airplane comes completely painted in an authentic color scheme with sharp graphics and invasion stripes, and all servos pre-installed. Access to the radio and flight batteries (not included) is under the magnetic latched canopy. The perfect battery for long flight times and the correct weight is a 4-cell 3000 mAh pack. Add your 4-channel radio and 4-cell flight pack and you are ready to take to the skies with the true-to-scale yet easy to fly P-51D.
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